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Rant 293 : Deja vu

“so? Why should that stop you from applying for the new vacant position?”,  lynn asked. “I am not really sure, I mean there is something that quite stops me from moving ahead. I don’t think there is  a lot of thought behind that anyways.”, I replied. Lynn had been a close aide at work forContinue reading “Rant 293 : Deja vu”

Rant 292: The darker zone

There are instances that help you release the negative within you and then there are instances that push you further and deeper into negativity and isolation and silence. When I write instances, that combines people, situations, events and everything around. Such instances keep you out of your comfort zone and ensure you stay out. PeopleContinue reading “Rant 292: The darker zone”

Rant 266 : The dilemma of the lama – 4

This is a continuation of the Rant 245 : The dilemma of the lama – 3.  Read it at the below link. https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2020/03/29/rant-246-the-dilemma-of-the-lama-3/ It was the third day of the conference and Doc, climbed up the dais. As the crowd cheered and clapped, Doc took his position behind the mic. He moved his right handContinue reading “Rant 266 : The dilemma of the lama – 4”

Rant 244 : Diffuser

There are some people, some places and a few moments – that keep acting as your diffusers for all times to come. You don’t need them to be with you alongside always. Just a brief moment of association is also more than enough to savour things for life. Whenever life sucks you in deep burrowsContinue reading “Rant 244 : Diffuser”

Rant 232 : Sush!

How much of silence is enough? Or bearable? How much of it can you sustain? How long can you remain silent? Silence is known as the antidote of chaos. It heals people, situations and complex processes. It can bring calmness to the most highly entropic systems. If carefully utilised, it can well be way dangerousContinue reading “Rant 232 : Sush!”

Rant 209 : The dilemma of the lama – 3

This is a continuation of the Rant 245 : The dilemma of the lama – 2.  Read it at the below link. https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2020/03/28/rant-245-the-dilemma-of-the-lama-2/ Though his mental health deteriorated too swiftly in the past few months, he increasingly found a growing concern for the lady he was been attended by. He was forced to lie toContinue reading “Rant 209 : The dilemma of the lama – 3”

Rant 206 : Over-rule

“Take care”, I texted her even though my fingers repeatedly told me not to. But I did. Tick. Double tick. Blue ticks. Damn. I never thought it would be so tough. And then came the toughest part. The typing.. Why are things so tough when you move past one or the other things? Why doContinue reading “Rant 206 : Over-rule”

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