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Rant 181 : Rise and Plod

Crippling pressure. Too much work. Stressing deadlines. Problem? Not much! Been there, done that. But that needs a lot of internal dedication and the will. The will that boosts you so much that you burst out of energy and optimism. The tough tasks start appearing like a roller coaster ride, where it no more fearsContinue reading “Rant 181 : Rise and Plod”

Rant 164: Sublimation

“Sir, how much?”. The diesel bunk staff asked.  “2500 rupees”, I handed him my card for payment and opened up the fuel tank.  The fuel indicator showed close to full. How easy was it to refill a tank, pay and refill. I wish refilling emotions was this easy too. Refilling zeal, ambition, positivity. I wouldContinue reading “Rant 164: Sublimation”

Rant 159 : Core of suicides, from an expert himself – 2

This is part-2 of my conversation with a suicide-prevention specialist. To read the first part, click the below link.  Rant 158 : Core of suicides, from an expert himself – 1 https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2020/01/01/rant-158-core-of-suicides-from-an-expert-himself-1/ “So how do you usually talk to these vulnerable people, I mean what is your basic approach – to help them focus onContinue reading “Rant 159 : Core of suicides, from an expert himself – 2”

Rant 153 : One+oNE = ONE

“Why don’t you just sleep. It’s 3 am already. You will get yourself a day of headache again if you keep doing this” “I know, but I just don’t feel like sleeping. I feel fresh.” “But, you haven’t slept in the last 27 hours. Don’t joke around with your body. Go sleep.” “Are.. but..” “No!Continue reading “Rant 153 : One+oNE = ONE”

Rant 132 : What if?

“No, please keep quiet. It was never about that”, I told. “Will you even listen to me once, I am trying to explain myself to you!”, he would not stop speaking unless I really intervened.   “See, look! Here! Its not going to work. Believe me. This is not something I am angry or madContinue reading “Rant 132 : What if?”

Rant 125 : SHIFT + Delete

Though I hate generalizing or forming opinions about a group or a type of people, but I prefer to keep those things in my mind as a support tool for my personal “future” decision making situations.  One such observation has been regarding people, who deem it easy and “okay” to completely forget, cut-off their history Continue reading “Rant 125 : SHIFT + Delete”

Rant 123: The Negative

“Stop it now, will you?”, she shouted in front of everyone.  “You are crazy and you are just going to hurt me more. So please shut up and get lost from here. Please”, I was still unable to comprehend what just happened.  Sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan them to be.  Sometimes, thingsContinue reading “Rant 123: The Negative”

Rant 122 : Love for the stone

This is a continuation of the previous post Rant 120 : The eternal mirage, whose link is given below.  https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2019/11/21/rant-120-the-eternal-mirage/ After returning from Badami, Sriramalu’s words were still echoing in my mind.  “Maybe sir. Maybe that can happen. But for me, I don’t think about what the rock may or may not give. I seeContinue reading “Rant 122 : Love for the stone”

Rant 115: De-throning.

Assume you are a person, a working professional with an annual salary of, let’s say, 12 lakhs. Take a hypothetical situation where in your work-life balance is pretty stabilised and you have a good family background too – both socially and economically. Also, you have a sound health and good personality that increases your chancesContinue reading “Rant 115: De-throning.”

Rant 108: Let it be.

“Does it hurt?”, Anshika asked. “Bonehead, obviously it would! Why would he be in pain then?”, Khyati told. “Guys, can you just stop fighting and help me out here, please”, I pleaded. “I never knew you were such a cry baby, come on it is just a pimple. Don’t try pulling this out else itContinue reading “Rant 108: Let it be.”

Rant 107: SELF or self?

What does making time for self mean? Solitude? Locked up in a room? Self-treat and Self-gratitude? umm.. not always! Sometimes self is not a unitary existence. Sometimes, SELF means Someone Extremely Loving and Friendly and then at times you try and make out time for self. Your own self. Your own effing self. It is a dichotomyContinue reading “Rant 107: SELF or self?”

Rant 105 : Bounce back!

Source of the image: https://imgflip.com/memetemplate/79727551/Lonely-Pablo I have been off this blog for 2 days. Plan was to seize any more movements of thoughts on the keyboard till I could resist and here I am. The resistance lasted for approximately 50 hours and I could feel the coin in my throat while I forced myself away fromContinue reading “Rant 105 : Bounce back!”

Rant 102: Go!

“Should I?” “Should I not?” I pulled up the zip of my backpack, took a  sigh and stepped out of the door. At times, when that eerie feeling of uncertainty comes in your way, the only thing which is best to do, is to just keep going. None of us can evade luck. In eitherContinue reading “Rant 102: Go!”

Rant 101: Limp

“Understood?”, she patiently asked the kids again. “Yes mam”, they replied in unison. They were abnormally quiet today. No movement whatsoever. Abnormal levels of discipline. She took her register and the student notebooks in her hand and slowly walked out of her class. She walked across the lobby close to the wall. The peon standingContinue reading “Rant 101: Limp”

Not the 100th Rant.

100 days. 100 posts. 100 memories. 100 healing sessions. 100 pains.100 smiles. 100 hopes.100 reflections.100 fears.100 apologies.100 thankyou’s. 100 fears. 23rd July , 2019 was when it begun. Today, 30th October 2019. Okay! So the day is here. 100. Never even thought this was on the cards. 20 was a tough number when I began.Continue reading “Not the 100th Rant.”

Rant 94: Jo-ker.

It was 1996 and we had Gemini circus in our hometown. After much persuasion, my parents agreed to take me to a circus. Elephants and lions were nowhere to be seen. They banned them in the circus, people said. This made me a little sad, but nevertheless we stuck to our seats. After around 45Continue reading “Rant 94: Jo-ker.”

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