Rant 256 : Not all lonely are alone!


The amount of subjectivity this word contains is enthralling. You can be silent and quiet inside a room and call yourself alone. You can be amidst 4-5 people and yet call yourself as alone or feel lonely in other words. You may at times, even feel that there are instances wherein there is a whole crowd, but you seem to be lost. Happens?

Probably, yes. Might have happened with each of us. What is it that is wrong? Are we not trying to perceive people as they come to us? Is it the difficulty in accepting people in our lives or is there something else going around? Why does it become so difficult to come out of the lost world, so much so, some have to undergo formal counselling sessions for the same?  Do we make things so complicated or are they really this bad?

The problem is driven by an identity. People under such catastrophic experiences often are overtaken by the memories of some unique identity. It is the absence of such identities, that makes them vulnerable and ultimately they fall for loneliness. It has less to do with staying alone and more with staying with the “missing”. While such a person walks with others in a crowded area, they are already busy with the memories. It might seem off, but on a different note, it might actually be a good idea to let the person stay aloof when in crowd. Instead, if at all counselling is needed, it has to be done while such a person is alone. It is the lonely mate that is required to be moved away and only then is it possible to bring that person back to reality.

Such illusions can be fatal sometimes. The effective drag it has on a mind is severe. The word “Alone” has to be dealt at a very different level. Not everyone who is lonely, is alone. It is something worth investigation and proper, formal counselling. The identification of such loneliness in itself is a major task.

Well anyways, power to all of those who are working tirelessly in helping people quit their loneliness. Hoping we have a better tomorrow for everyone lonely out there.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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