Rant 225 : A word to the 2020 batch (Guestpost)

In such times of global crisis, staying fit mentally is another big challenge. With scores of jobs and colleges shutdown and opportunities being hit in every part of life, it is everyone’s duty to keep up the morale of people around us. Very soon, we will be out of this and even sooner, running back to life in great pace.
I have always kept my blog open to guestposts from fellow readers and writers and today, I am publishing a post here by my dear friend, Saisree. A school friend and a close confidant of my life, Saisree has lived every moment of her life with an inspiring awe and smile. She is one of those humans who will smile even in the worst times, because that is what she’s used to. Here is a note from Saisree to all those who are going to graduate in 2020 (me too!)

A Word to 2020 Batch

Failure is a stepping stone to success”. 

A well-versed saying that all are aware of. They say these sayings are written or said by the great achievers. But I want to change that today. It can be said by the people who go through this, too. Failure has always been my lucky charm for my motivation, inspiration and has never stopped me from marching towards success. It has always been at my back to cheer me and lead me to the way, which I admire today. My story might not be the greatest but I still relish the fact that I did not break down to all the nasty things my life has thrown at me. 

I am a simple girl who came from a “so-called-middle-class-family” and as every middle-class-girl, I dreamt of achieving something big and to be an independent girl. I was always taught by my parents that education is the most important factor in life and this teaching has stayed with me forever. I was once an aspirant of BITS-PILANI. Alas! life threw its first game towards me. My uncle, who was very close to me passed away due to an accident. I was stuck in the middle and could not make it to the examination hall. Then, the only way I had to attend was the EAMCET exam, an entrance exam for engineering and medicine by the Andhra Pradesh government. I scored well and somehow I managed a government seat. Though not satisfying, I finally completed my graduation in Information Technology (IT) in 2014.

As all might not be aware that in 2014, Andhra and Telangana states got separated, life threw another big struggle. Since my college was in Andhra Pradesh, all the students from Andhra had faced recession as all the IT Industries were in Hyderabad, Telangana. We weren’t offered any jobs. Somewhere from education to job, I had to struggle again to get a job. Due to family pressure I had to work as a consultant in TATA STEEL, Jamshedpur for just 8k per month. For a dreamer like me, this job was like a kick to reality. But fact to be told, those 2 years, in my first job, had taught me many things as to how to survive in your life as well as in your job. 

With the experience of 2 years, I decided to go forward and apply for other companies and converted a job at all the positions I applied to. My happiness knew no bounds. Considering all the parameters and as per my convenience I joined a company at Visakhapatnam and now 6 years hence, I am working for a big firm, GE.  

Surely, I have faced a lot of problems but then I have gained strength to cope up with all the failures that life can throw on me. I had two ways to go. Either sit and sulk that life was unfair to me, or, just buck up, face the reality and fight for what I dreamt of. I kept thinking of why even was I working for 8k bucks while I can have a luxury life, working in one of the top companies somewhere around the globe and lead the life just the way I wanted. I surely had thought about it and wasted 1 year thinking about it before joining my first company. But that 1 year did teach me this isn’t what I am supposed to do. I was made for much bigger achievements than just sulking at home. 

I have recovered from the situation and so have the other students of the 2014 batch from Andhra Pradesh. Life wasn’t too smooth but we had gained many experiences and our mindsets changed and no other batch might have faced the situation which we had faced. We faced big struggles but also the strength to fight it. We started appreciating life, we started appreciating failures and then success was the best trophy we could ever present to ourselves and our loved ones. 

Now, the same situation has come for all the students of batch 2020. And this time, the struggle isn’t for one state but for the entire world. Now you have to fight for your survival. You need not to lose hope and sulk at home thinking life has been unfair to you. But then just try working harder for your success. Choose even a small path and believe me you can get to achieve your dreams and also start savoring your success and your experiences. Life has just started for you and believe me it has planned unexpected shit to come on your way, but you need to cross every oddity and reach your goal. Others might have gained their success pretty soon or, in future, your juniors might be much more successful than you, but the situations you faced, the roller coaster ride you have been, they didn’t have. They did not taste the real pleasure of life as you have. They can’t enjoy the little happiness you will get through the journey and they can’t savor success as you will. I would say you are the lucky ones to have graduated this year as you are prepared from the start for all the evil deeds life can throw on you and on the long run you will start analyzing and dealing with situations when the real problems come your way. 

All the best and give life and career a good and a happening start with a positive note.

A note by,
B. Saisree.

Edited by,

One thought on “Rant 225 : A word to the 2020 batch (Guestpost)

  1. Good idea. Great cohesion. I would suggest you to better proofread in future for any grammatical mistakes. Also, if you would ever like to showcase this professional corridors, I would refrain from usage of such words like “shit”. If those corridors are not your target, “good job, way to keep it real.”

    Once again, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. More people should do so.


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