Rang 283: The addiction and the addict

“So, how many hours has it been? I see you are stuck to your smartphone since morning and it’s already 3 noon, how long will your laps last?” My sister taunted and moved on. I looked at the clock and saw the time. 2.53 pm. It was less than an hour for my next assignmentContinue reading “Rang 283: The addiction and the addict”

Rant 279 : The Frozen Nostalgia

“there was this, wonderful thing with her – I mean, she would just look at the ceiling this way and …”, and he paused for around 10 seconds. We three kept looking at his silent face. His lips trying to bring his nostalgic drought to normalcy. His eyes trying to look for the spot sheContinue reading “Rant 279 : The Frozen Nostalgia”

Rant 277 : The tomorrow is cruel

Every day is such a surprise. Big surprise. When one wakes up in the morning, little do we realize what kind of night is deemed to turn up. When we sleep through the night, our senses are unaware of whatever is going to come along the next dawn. Yesterdays seem obvious, while tomorrow is uncertain.Continue reading “Rant 277 : The tomorrow is cruel”

Rant 276: This is difficult and so is life

When you keep hopping from one person to the other, from one place to the other, from one work to the other – you do gain a lot of experience – some bitter some sweet, but majorly those that you gain while trying to re-prove yourself. Every new situation, every new person, every new friend,Continue reading “Rant 276: This is difficult and so is life”

Rant 275 : The fag end of the play

Dreams fade faster than they come up. Days, when you start realising that it’s time to pack up. The script is closing and your part in the play is coming to an end. There are mixed feelings-always. Firstly, a feeling of relaxation from the immense pressure you act under and secondly a feeling of remorseContinue reading “Rant 275 : The fag end of the play”

Rant 274 : Run, Gauge and Stop!

Life comes infront of us in all forms. Sometimes as funny as Chaplin, sometime a gruesome fighter, somedays as a superhero saving us from hurdles and someday with an expression whose judgement is difficult. Such situations come more often than we all desire for. The fun part is when the waters increase beyond perception, weContinue reading “Rant 274 : Run, Gauge and Stop!”

Rant 272 : The world around you

Most of us voyage out of our homes at an early age – for education, for career or just for a better future. While we all move out, we leave a whole world behind us – the childhood world, the safe home, the surroundings and nearly everything nostalgic. When we end up at a newContinue reading “Rant 272 : The world around you”

Rant 270 : Could vs Would

  What would I be? Heard this question ever, from within? Or heard it in the form of what would you be, if not this? The very idea of imagining what “might” have been is always exciting and gives a respite from the mundane daily thoughts. It brings that degree of uncertainty within the thoughtsContinue reading “Rant 270 : Could vs Would”

Rant 269 : From finish to the next start line

Rush. More rush. Panic. Adrenaline. Even more rush. More adrenaline. Closure. Future Rush More plans for future rush …. What now? What does an athlete possibly think once they cross the finish line? To rest, to feel happy about it? “So what was your thought, as you crossed the line or more so, as youContinue reading “Rant 269 : From finish to the next start line”

Rant 268 : Head in the ceiling fan goes rolling

It wasn’t that late, yet I was rushing back home.  Peddling as fast as I could, I would have been cycling at approximately 18 kmph, which is quite some speed for a bike. I could barely feel my feet as they went rolling with the pedals in some strange harmonious manner. Felt as if theyContinue reading “Rant 268 : Head in the ceiling fan goes rolling”

Rant 267 : The proxy stone

“Where are your friends these days?”, the priest asked the kid who stood like speedy motorbike stopped by a sturdy wall. “Their holidays are over”, he replied while he slipped away from the priests as if it was hazardous to stay there. These kids were quite known in the premises of the temple. Every dayContinue reading “Rant 267 : The proxy stone”

Rant 266 : The dilemma of the lama – 4

This is a continuation of the Rant 245 : The dilemma of the lama – 3.  Read it at the below link. https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2020/03/29/rant-246-the-dilemma-of-the-lama-3/ It was the third day of the conference and Doc, climbed up the dais. As the crowd cheered and clapped, Doc took his position behind the mic. He moved his right handContinue reading “Rant 266 : The dilemma of the lama – 4”

Rant 265 : Do what you’re good at.

They said everyone was here for a role, they said everyone here had a purpose. What is it? Yes, there is a purpose – but who tells me what it is? Where do I go asking for it? A temple, a municipal office, the parliament or the UN? Who tells me my purpose? A doctor,Continue reading “Rant 265 : Do what you’re good at.”

Rant 264 : Facilitating the quitting

“Sir, can I please discontinue?” he said. He was taken back for a moment. It was just a month that he had started his training and his very first student was now turning away. Right after he asked this, Dr Sen was caught in a limbo. Should I ask the reason behind the decision? ShouldContinue reading “Rant 264 : Facilitating the quitting”

Rant 263 : The small bullet kills you

You can be anything in this world, but invincible. Life is not a one-way ladder, wherein you keep cruising ahead. It can go either ways. Life keeps throwing juggles time  to time, to  test us if we are at all in the league, where life wants us to be. While you might be handling andContinue reading “Rant 263 : The small bullet kills you”

Rant 262 : One, two, three … zero!

“Hey, listen it wasn’t my fault, you’re clearly misunderstanding me.” “No, I am done with all this crap, you said what you had to say”, she blasted him on his face. His fingers nerved, he typed his reply rather hastily, “Listen, I can explain this to you, It was not what you thought it meant.Continue reading “Rant 262 : One, two, three … zero!”

Rant 260 : It’s pretty to be silent

“Don’t shout this around, please. You know about it and that is fine for me now. No more publicity. Please”, I begged him while we walked towards the café. “Dude, isn’t this worth shouting and collecting people on? You’ve got a worthy job and I believe it is absolutely fine to let our peers knowContinue reading “Rant 260 : It’s pretty to be silent”

Rant 259 : Social Distancing

“Why do you keep doing this? Please don’t make it way more difficult now, I’ve already had enough”, she walked away after she was done speaking her heart out. There he stood, tongue in cheek and lost amidst whatever she said. “I’d lingered around her more than she could bear, probably the reason…” he thoughtContinue reading “Rant 259 : Social Distancing”

Rant 258 : Why I conceal my choices

“What will be the song for this year?”, she asked “Come here, I will show you the song. I don’t want to play that loud.” “Dude! Why this?” I truly had no reply for her question. I told her that I was not in a situation where I could explain the worth of that song.Continue reading “Rant 258 : Why I conceal my choices”

Rant 256 : Not all lonely are alone!

Alone. The amount of subjectivity this word contains is enthralling. You can be silent and quiet inside a room and call yourself alone. You can be amidst 4-5 people and yet call yourself as alone or feel lonely in other words. You may at times, even feel that there are instances wherein there is aContinue reading “Rant 256 : Not all lonely are alone!”

Rant 255 : Cease to lag, Keep flowing.

“I wish to go back to college”, he said. “But isn’t your college over now?” “Yes, but I wish to go back. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. It was so sudden, just a mail one day and we had to vacate. What about the farewell parties, what about the last late nightContinue reading “Rant 255 : Cease to lag, Keep flowing.”

Rant 254 : The bubble within

Notifications dropping down fast. 100,150,200,250,300 and so on. Amidst all, you try searching that one person. Don’t find? Never mind – keep waiting. It is this hope that keeps us alive. Why do we want to share things with the ones, whom we are “not supposed to” share with? What is this special craving withContinue reading “Rant 254 : The bubble within”

Rant 253 : The Impressionables

“Would you care less, if it didn’t work out?” “What?” “this thing between us both..” “why do you think it wont work out..?” “No, I was just asking.” “Don’t be a jerk, lol” “No tell me, will you be indifferent to all of this if that happened?” He held her hands and looked straight intoContinue reading “Rant 253 : The Impressionables”

Rant 251 : The realm of Success

So you feel successful now? A little puffed up – maybe? What about the glamour  that surrounds henceforth? Is it okay? What if all of this didn’t really matter in the first place? When you reach the apex, wind speed surges multifold and the routes become narrower and vulnerable. At heights you cannot walk inContinue reading “Rant 251 : The realm of Success”

Rant 250 : Who is priviledged?

Thirty rupees. A 20 rupee note and a 10 rupee note. Enough for a day? Maybe, I don’t know. I feel it’s a little less. But I remember a chapter from my physics book –Relativity. Relation between two or more objects changes if you change the frame of reference and the position of the viewer.Continue reading “Rant 250 : Who is priviledged?”

Rant 249 : It’s not a dream

“Just when you wish, those things in the deep sky will turn red and then blue and then white”, the angel said. “What are those, metal sheets?” “No!” And by this time, my eyeballs rolling over and over again – I was visually rushing through what they called a ‘cineshot’. I ensured I did notContinue reading “Rant 249 : It’s not a dream”

Rant 248 : A situation, whose time has come

For some days, different than all the others, I really want to rush back to that “everything”. Which was a small world of happy utopian situations. Everything looked picture perfect, not an inch placed wrong. Not that I miss it terribly, but I lament the fact that there is no going back. Out of allContinue reading “Rant 248 : A situation, whose time has come”

Rant 247 : The choked faucet

We all do love talking about the great and good times from our lives. Maybe to a family, to a friend or a general acquaintance and sometimes even with absolute strangers. Reminiscence of good times gives a special feeling of nostalgia and relief. It is akin to opening up an old album of pictures andContinue reading “Rant 247 : The choked faucet”

Rant 245 : May the Force be with you

Have you ever experienced a tsunami of emotions? Like you be okay and all sound one moment and then suddenly something happens and that pricks you like a needle and you spring up – and then hoards of emotions from all the three dimensions of time – present, past and future come gushing in. TheContinue reading “Rant 245 : May the Force be with you”

Rant 243 : Let’s make home great again

If not always, why do we (most of us) miss home in the most desperate and traumatic moments? Why does nothing else comforts us more than our home when things take an evil turn? These questions are not philosophical ones, rather they need a very objective approach to think why things like these happen. TakeContinue reading “Rant 243 : Let’s make home great again”

Rant 241 : The battle long lost

300. What does 300 remind me of ? Ofcourse, the War of Thermoplyae or the famous Persian War movie, that scorched through our minds and carved out a niche for itself. A ruthless, graphic and astounding account of bravery, perseverance and love for the land. 300 vs 300,000 numbers of invading soldiers. What makes theContinue reading “Rant 241 : The battle long lost”

Rant 240 : You’re just a refill

I have written a lot about Nishita and a lot has been spoken about the fable. It is an interesting character that has helped me portray so much of what lay inside me. From my inner insecurities to my stellar fantasies, I have written down so much on this character’s behalf and for this character.Continue reading “Rant 240 : You’re just a refill”

Rant 239 : Hello, who’s there?

We are one. We are individuals first and then we group up to form relations, families, neighbourhoods, societies, states, nations and beyond. In this age of uber-communication, we seem to be in connect to nearly everyone and everything. From the news of an event that took place at one end of the globe to aContinue reading “Rant 239 : Hello, who’s there?”

Rant 238 : Stop and Slop

Be careful! Make sure you don’t mess this up! Please do it properly! Don’t mix it up please! …and so on.. We’ve been used to such kind of extreme cautiousness all our lives. Since childhood, we have all been instructed of how carefully or with what level of precision and precaution something has to beContinue reading “Rant 238 : Stop and Slop”

Rant 237 : And then you rot

“You sure it’s okay?” He nodded. “I need to leave, please take care of yourself. Don’t make this so difficult for both of us, I beg you.” She turned back as soon as she finished speaking. He rose, brushed himself up and walked with her for some time – and then he paused. “Not anymore.Continue reading “Rant 237 : And then you rot”

Rant 236 : Deciding in the dark

Twice an hour, multiple hours a day, many days a week and multiple weeks a month, we find ourselves stuck in a severe storm of failure. Sometimes meager and often strong and damaging, these moments of failures pull us down and throw us in the deep pit of hopelessness and despair. It’s in these darkContinue reading “Rant 236 : Deciding in the dark”

Rant 235 : The case of Ego

What makes two people fight? What makes you and your special one fight? What makes you stand across your parents, or your siblings or spouses? If you could boil down the entire gamut of issues between any two individuals or a group of individuals, in all probabilities, it will come down to the deadliest 3-letterContinue reading “Rant 235 : The case of Ego”

Rant 231 : The (im)proper advice

Do you listen to people who advice you? What is that one factor that makes it easier to pay heed to the advice? Is it the person? The situation? The will? The innate desires? I don’t know. You probably won’t know it either.  It is very difficult to point out one specific thing. “I amContinue reading “Rant 231 : The (im)proper advice”

Rant 230 : The bread shop on the 4th street

 “and 3 more packets of bread.” I packed in the 3 bread packets in my bag and moved towards the bus stop. I hit the second turn to the bus stop, when I realised I had forgot my wallet there at the shop. Worried and petrified, I rushed back to the store. I reached theContinue reading “Rant 230 : The bread shop on the 4th street”

Rant 229 : The Second Chance

“Are you guys there already?” “Yea, where are you? We’re all waiting for you and prabhu to be here. Come on quick man!” one of my colleagues replied on the colleagues group. I opened his contact privately and asked him, what the exact occasion was, so I could take a gift appropriately. He told meContinue reading “Rant 229 : The Second Chance”

Rant 228 : “..and the mark, will never die”

There are a few things outside the purview of judgement. You cannot judge them on the basis of worldly philosophies, they are abstract. You cannot make a verification, you cannot justify the intensity and cannot, for sure, shut it down at the behest of a pressure. Not quite eternal, but surely not earthly. Every singleContinue reading “Rant 228 : “..and the mark, will never die””

Rant 227 : Looking for a refuge

Hot dry desert. Yellow ochre earth that mixes with the saffron horizon with and merged with the similar sky. Smell of bullets and gunpowder all around. Distant sounds of shelling and intermittent LMG’s (Light weight Machine Guns). I can see a small tent like structure some 100 meters away, but crawling through the sand isn’tContinue reading “Rant 227 : Looking for a refuge”

Rant 226 : Find the “One”

Sure about that “One”? Who is that one person, who will be around you for the whole of your life? In all your happiness, all your sorrow, without conditions and without any expectations? With you, whenever you fall, whenever you rise by your endeavour. Not demanding one thing, simply be there with you all theContinue reading “Rant 226 : Find the “One””

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