Rant 252 : Did you listen?

When at the top of the trajectory, even if for a moment, you wish to shout out for one last time before descending down, who are you shouting for? The air, the clouds, the trees, the world? We sometimes want to shout out in the loneliest of places, with absolutely no one around – for whom? We shout internally, without making a single noise sometimes – for whom?

At all these times, we shout to make our inner selves listen to what we couldn’t convey all these years. We want ourselves to know that we are not weak – the “supposed” weakness, if at all, was temporary in nature and now it has gone. It is important – this shout, this war cry, makes your inside know what you are outside. Gives you a sense of victory or at least a sense of pride.

Be the one who knows that you are going to win – maybe at the fag end, but you must keep trying. Because the you, within you – is waiting to sit back and laugh on your efforts and then silence you down again. Beat that inside, mark a hill, plan a trek, reach the top and shout at the peak of your lungs. It must be a war cry and it must reach the inside of you.

And if all goes well, before coming down, ask yourself, “ hey, did you listen?”

Always Ranting, Rantzaada

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