Rant 266 : The dilemma of the lama – 4

This is a continuation of the Rant 245 : The dilemma of the lama – 3.  Read it at the below link.

It was the third day of the conference and Doc, climbed up the dais. As the crowd cheered and clapped, Doc took his position behind the mic. He moved his right hand towards the microphone and adjusted its orientation to suit his height, cleared his throat. A sweat trickled down his left temple while he looked at the large gathering. He opened up his file and took out a neat single sheet of paper with a small paragraph printed on it.

“I hereby promise to ensure my own good health, well-being and sharp abilities to provide mental health care of the highest standard. I shall use the knowledge I have gained over the years, to the welfare of the individuals, the society and the humanity as a whole. This I promise upto the honour of this revered association.”

Loud applauds from the audience bore testimony to what he had apparently become – the kingpin and the flag bearer of the medical association he was associate with. He was given this reward for his outstanding service he had made to the community in the last 4 years and the numerous teenage lives he had saved from several mental blockages.

“I now invite Doc to come over the dais and share with us his journey to this coveted chair”

He stood behind that mic once again, a little relaxed than before. He unbuttoned his shirt cuffs and folded the sleeves twice.

“From this dais, I wish to first send my message to the one who had my back all throughout this journey. I don’t know where you are, but I wish to let you know that all I want now, is to go out, meet you and take a stroll on green grass.”

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