Rant 273 : Have a good day?

“Have a good day dear”

“Have a nice day”

“Good day”

“I wish you a great day ahead”

Why do we wish “goodness” to people for their upcoming day/tenure? Whenever someone greets me for a good day, I do think for a second- though I never react over it. It is akin to gifting a utopian dream to someone. What is a day is difficult? What is it is challenging? Is it bad?

Is having a day to live ahead in itself not a beautiful gift? Are challenges, difficulties and struggles along your day not another form of lessons and hence a gift as well? Why have we fabricated this weird bubble around us that a “not so good day” is a bad day? I am absolutely against this perception of a good day.

While this does make people crave for “a good day” ahead, on the other hand it also makes people become weak the moment something adverse falls upon them. Why do you want the day to be a good day? Wouldn’t it be better to let the day come as it has to and instead just stay strong for whatever was about to come?

Would it not be a better option to tell a person early morning, “may you be stronger than always today and come home being a better person?” This would let them face challenges, not crib at situations, look upto challenges and face them with all might and sometimes emerge victorious or learn a lesson at the rest of them.

But yes, it would not be as short and crisp as a “have a good day”. Short and crisp matters a lot in todays world. Phrases have to be sophisticated and aesthetic.


Have a good day.


Always Ranting,


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