Rant 257 : We don’t talk anymore

Why don’t we talk anymore?
Did you ever give it a thought, why you stopped talking to someone just at one moment in particular and then made up a vow to never do it again? What makes you take such decisions out of the blue? Is it ego or is it the sourness that emerges between two? Well, sometimes, it might not be either of this.  Sometimes, people cease to stay in touch simply because it’s a hindrance to something even more beautiful, even more grander and even more important.
Like, a passion, a family, another relationship or maybe just the mental peace. People may adopt two ways for the same – cut down the priority and gradually bring down the importance or take the other harsh route, to chop down everything at one go. Chopping down takes less effort to chop but exponentially more to keep the inertia going on. It is all about dying down gradually vs suddenly gasping to death. While death is certainly non-avoidable, the process is. the pain of dying can be controlled.
Chopping down suddenly is a major disruption, it can dismantle parts of your life, destabilise your thinking patterns and change the way you operate. We don’t talk anymore, hence is less important. More important is whether this came gradually or suddenly. whether your mind had time to register the exit or it is still in awe. Wishing a slow and gradual exit to all others.

Always Ranting,

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