Rant 271 : What is it?

What is it?

I remember from my childhood – instances wherein, I used to have light stomach ache and my parents would ask me, “what is it?”, “where is it that you feel the pain?” and most often I would locate some point on my little tummy and indicate the pain. My locations were not often precise, but they kind of gave a rough idea to the doctors or my parents. When you are in problem, even a rough description gives a big lead.

While all of this might carry little or no sense today, but they hold the same value yet. Realisation of a problem, is the first step towards its solution. Today most of us, most of the time are caught in a weird spiral of unknown emotions. Emotions that are mostly un-traceable. Emotions which rush through, but are not identifiable.

I mean, on such days you will find huge scores of emotional swings within you, you will find something strange rushing around you and feel like your heart is sinking. Most weird things will happen with you through the day, but you will be in no position to take a call on what exactly has happened. When you don’t have a trace of what is happening within you. You begin to feel restless, uneasy, and emotionally fragile and so on, but never in a position to explain.

And as we grow up, such occurrences are going to become even more frequent. There will such days which will drown you within your own self. At all such times, there is only one refuge – start learning the art of conversation with yourself.

It is difficult, it is obsolete, but for me – it has been the sole reason of doing away with such emotionally confusing moments. Do not let yourself fall vulnerable to such games. Train yourself to do a conversation with yourself. In any situation, even if there is no one around, you will have yourself at close quarters. Explain, give solutions, discuss and do whatever provides you solace. Remember, no one knows you better than yourself.

Self-interaction is vital, critical and important. Do not shy away from it. Do not wait for someone else to ask you, “what is it?

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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