Rant 272 : The world around you

Most of us voyage out of our homes at an early age – for education, for career or just for a better future. While we all move out, we leave a whole world behind us – the childhood world, the safe home, the surroundings and nearly everything nostalgic. When we end up at a new place trying to restructure our lives into an entirely new organism, we often fail to find key pieces to fit into our struggle puzzle. Some key pieces might include a long lost friend, a beautiful childhood road, and the corner of a park or the aroma of a mother’s recipe. When you move out, you miss all these things and you miss them so terribly, that the other important works come to a standstill. Yes, the absence can be that toxic.

At some point while trying to manage your own newly-built life, you might end up placing some key elements around you, that will endeavor to substitute the earlier world around you. Things can range from a small pen to a typical souvenir, from a celebrities signature to a hand printed kerchief from a loved one, it can be anything.

Gradually and steadily, this world keeps increasing. From little objects to a new house, from a new house to a new neighborhood and a new settlement, the world around you develops.

What then, happens to your old world? Does it vanish? Does it cease to exist? Or does it come into conflict with the new one? The answer to this is tricky and might be highly sensitive to the context and the person in question. In my case, these two world are mutually exclusive, that is, they do not have anything in common. So I can keep juggling between them with ease.

Well, it can different for you and something entirely different for your best friend. Sit down on an evening and think of what your world around you represent? Is it something that has shaped you over the years or does not completely represent who you are? Look out, seek answers and explore more of this world around you.

Always Ranting,


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