Rant 265 : Do what you’re good at.

They said everyone was here for a role, they said everyone here had a purpose. What is it? Yes, there is a purpose – but who tells me what it is? Where do I go asking for it? A temple, a municipal office, the parliament or the UN? Who tells me my purpose? A doctor, a scientist or the local priest? I really believe I am here for a purpose, but whose going to tell me or help me find that one purpose?

Well, to be honest, I have found no one still. Yes, there are minor references at times, but mostly references – not direct evidences. Life brings nothing upto you that easily and this is no exception. It will come to you slowly and across many spells. Tiny bit-by-bit, things will keep emerging in front of you and all you need to do, is to collect the pieces together and complete the puzzle.

Our life hints us all the times (well, it would be so much better if it was a direct message). We are usually devoid of the skills do all of this. Sages do. So what is the better way to get a cleaner hold of all this?

There is a thumb rule to it. Go ahead and do things that you love (not like). Everything else is consequential. It will follow. Great things are often a resultant of good things. Be involved with your favoirute things – directly or indirectly. Keep testing yourself and do better and better each time. If not, atleast endeavour for the same. Stay competitive, but stay relevant to what you love. Because when the world begins to crumble down, when the sky begins to fall and the heavens come down, you and your love, you and your passion remains. It is only all of this that will ignite motivation in you to stand tall and  run towards your goal.

Once you start listening to yourself and understandin it well, you will soon start getting hints and directions from the same. Wishing us all a very happy self-realisation.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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