Rant 280 : Walk past your past

When you let life take its course and you calmly wait for life to bring things to you and then keep choosing and checking the best opportunities available. This is how you can look back and smile at your own life. Once a week, a month or thrice a year – the frequency depends upon you. Taking back a trip to your own past makes you glide past those important but minor and tiny things that you once thought you’d remember for life, but soon forgot all of them in the rush.

At least once in a while you must sit down with yourself. turn back and take a trip with your mind and heart and see what all your life has gone through – the ups and the downs, successes and the failures, crushes and heartbreaks, mental, social or physical relations, wrong decision or right decisions or lucky decisions and so many other such things. It is important to remind yourself of all of these and experience a feeling of evolution from what you were at one point in time to what you are now.

Others might argue that we must not go and brush ourselves against the emotional baggage from the past. Well, I disagree to this point of view. Emotional baggage ( I would hate to call it a baggage in the first place) is not a load, but for me, it is a certificate of my past experiences. And I do never feel brushed against by my past. There are a few bitter things but I would prefer to look at the learnings out of them rather than completely chop them off my storyline. At the end of the day, those are my memories and pieces of a puzzle called ‘my life’. My stories, your stories or their stories cannot be ignored. Once cannot avoid them.

I am my story. You are your story and this can be extended to any living being anywhere in this world. Your experiences might not be pleasant, but none of them would be lesson-less. Never run from your past – because your present is a component of your past and your future anyway will be a product of your present. Don’t run from your own life, go – embrace it. Make merry at the better things and smile and walk past the bitter ones.

Walk past your past.

Always Ranting,


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