Rant 269 : From finish to the next start line


More rush.



Even more rush.

More adrenaline.


Future Rush

More plans for future rush


What now?

What does an athlete possibly think once they cross the finish line? To rest, to feel happy about it?

“So what was your thought, as you crossed the line or more so, as you were about to cross the line?”, I asked my friend while returning home after his first 200m gold at the university athlete meet.

“Nothing much, just that I was constantly hoping that I would have broken the past record of 23 seconds. I was not even aware if I was winning. It was only after I crossed the line and saw no one to my sides that I realised I had won. It was a mad run”, he said as I drove his bike home.

We talked for another hour on the terrace of his house and he kept talking about how he has failed thrice to beat the past university record. I intervened and reminded him that wasn’t he happy that he won a gold all the 3 times and actually beat the others by a large margin? He said he was not racing for my opponents, but for my own self and winning among the mediocre is not something I am aiming at.

I for one second felt proud of him and the very next second fell into deep thought for what we were making our lives into! We are running and running fast for that matter. But every time we step on a milestone, we start looking at the next one. It is good to be ambitious, but it is fatal to be over-ambitious.

We forget/ignore the thin line between living for excellence and excellence for a life. It is mandatory that we pause for a moment and thank our efforts. Thank the soul within you that went across interests and outside its comfort zones to keep you motivated and up for the same.

Run, run as fast as you can. But remember, the run should be because of your visions and not just because there was a competition to start with. Do not start looking for the second finish line as soon as you finish the first one. Take a pause, look at the finish line, look at the track behind, express gratitude. Acknowledge your conditions and the efforts and then go ahead with other things, like the second line.

All we need to understand is that a lot happens between the finish line and the next start line.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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