Rant 246 : Chew long

How do you gauge how painful failing will be? How do you estimate, how badly broken your soul will be if things don’t work out? What does it mean to be crushed to the earth?

For everything that comes or is poised to come in at some point of time, you can atleast make one prediction precisely – without fail and that is that it will someday end. Everything ends – some before expected and some beyond. Things come because they have to go. It is this inherent property of matter in the universe that there is pain, remorse and despair. It is the ultimate truth and yet, it costs us so much of our lives to realise and get through it.

If at all, we could know how badly it was going to push us through, maybe we could look for ways to resist and recover. Make ourselves more resilient and a tad better to handle the crisis. But how precisely, could we do it?

There is no answer to it and there is possibly no way of looking for answers, but there is one hint that lies right within the fact that whatever comes has to go and whatever will cause you pain by going would have come some day. Yes they all came up to you as situations, people or places and then submerged you into its own existence. And that is where, I believe the key lies.

It all depends on how dearly you approach things in the first place. If you approached someone with an approach value of ‘x’, you’re probably going to feel anything more than or equal to ‘x’ when the thing subsides. You feel more pained if you had approached it quickest or with the highest approach value.

This is probably why, all fables and tales suggest that consume happiness in small and patient chunks. Anything pleasant should be consumed with utmost patience and sheer control. If you rush through it or to it, you are bound to feel the brunt of separation when it’s time to part. All short stories end with the most face-punching impacts.

So, when welcoming a pleasant thing in your life, stay conscious of the way you consume their presence.

Chew for long.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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