Rant 254 : The bubble within

Notifications dropping down fast. 100,150,200,250,300 and so on. Amidst all, you try searching that one person. Don’t find? Never mind – keep waiting. It is this hope that keeps us alive.

Why do we want to share things with the ones, whom we are “not supposed to” share with? What is this special craving with us? Why not let alone people rather than keep them in your thoughts and every time something new happens, why are you often wanting to tell them all?

It is all the game of acceptance. You accept someone as a part of you and that part is not informed about some important event in your life, we tend to try for “pushing the information to them through other channels – friends, social media, print media, etc.

It might seem to be a meagre issue, but it is difficult to quantify the tension that is created within the person when the information does not reach to the place it is directed to. But what is the solution?

What do different people, who fall to such issues, do? One way is to assume they are there seeing everything you do, but probably not reacting because, well, that’s what they have been doing till now. The other approach is to create a character that matches the one you miss. It can be a sketch, a piece of music or just anything.

The point is, we all want and wish to share our secrets, achievements and nearly every other life event with people who are special for us. It is the feeling of sharing that makes us crave for it. It is the need for an exhaust for the bubble within.

Always Ranting,


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