Rant 255 : Cease to lag, Keep flowing.

“I wish to go back to college”, he said.

“But isn’t your college over now?”

“Yes, but I wish to go back. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. It was so sudden, just a mail one day and we had to vacate. What about the farewell parties, what about the last late night coffee slots, what about the 5am maggi rounds? I can courier the things, but what about the memories?”

“Dude, you are over-reacting, it is all because of this pandemic and now don’t turn this into some ‘its-my-bad luck’ thing”.

“I don’t know how to explain this to you, but this is difficult man. I did not want and never imagined I will have to leave out this way. Its excruciating and painful. So many memories and so much of affection for that place and such an end to the beautiful journey”.

Well, in all its dimensions, while logic suggests to move on, our heart and minds do wander over a point in past – round and round. All it take to go back in time is a memory. It sucks you in time and you enter a zone of intangible euphoria and that seems beautiful. But in all our senses, we realize that it is not the truth. The truth is far from what seems.

Beautiful moments and memories happen and go across fast. They just stay for a flash moment and then rush apart. But we all are so vulnerable to such changes that we often remain stuck then and there. And being stuck is not the major problem, it is the craving to go back that makes a person even more vulnerable. It makes people so weak from within that they often fail to see what the present and the future has in store for them. It is a weird kind of a scenario wherein, the more we know, the lesser we understand and the lesser we understand, the more is the craving to know things.

It is better to let things that have gone, go! Create a box and conserve what you have left with you. Never challenge time. Cease to lag, Keep flowing.

Always ranting,


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