Rant 253 : The Impressionables

“Would you care less, if it didn’t work out?”


“this thing between us both..”

“why do you think it wont work out..?”

“No, I was just asking.”

“Don’t be a jerk, lol”

“No tell me, will you be indifferent to all of this if that happened?”

He held her hands and looked straight into her eyes.

“If you happened to go away right now, pulling your hand out, I will probably take this napkin with me and stay in love with this forever.”

She looked into her eyes for a few seconds and then smiled back, “you’re a definite jerk!”

..and both of them laughed!

I, never for once, have felt that love can be erased. It simply cannot. The chapter can be closed, the pages be isolated, crumpled, torn or thrown away, but you cannot erase things from the book of life. If it indeed got deleted, it wasn’t written well enough to exist in the first place.

It is tough to imagine how people “forget” people from their lives. Sometimes it is understandable that someone might want to walk away from something very specific, but for times to come, you cannot simply forget. You might sometimes want to brush off your feelings from the fabric of the relationship that you shared, but you cannot remove the stains. Love happens once and it can happen again, but the stains from each one of them stick to you independently.

These are happy stains. They bring to the front the best of you. The smiles that you carried on your face when all of that happened, the moments and the elastic emotions, simply cannot be undone.

After all, we are just living beings made of raw wet earth, vulnerable and impressionable.

Always Ranting,


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