Rant 247 : The choked faucet

We all do love talking about the great and good times from our lives. Maybe to a family, to a friend or a general acquaintance and sometimes even with absolute strangers. Reminiscence of good times gives a special feeling of nostalgia and relief. It is akin to opening up an old album of pictures and going through it page by page, slide by slide. Watching albums is fun with people – sometimes, alone too. But remembering past times, the good times, alone is surely not a good experience.

It is difficult to imagine a situation that you have a pleasant situation, but absolutely no one to talk about that. It may not happen to someone their whole lives and might happen to someone all the time. It’s petrifying at the least to imagine something like that. Its like water rushing in a faucet with the valves tightly closed. It’s disturbing and it’s haunting. In such situations, the only thing you pray is that these internal memory burps must never come back. They make you nothing but restless. You want to talk to someone about it, share it with someone who might be aware with the very thing and alas! There isn’t anyone. It’s terrible.

How does one come down to such a state? How are there situations when a vibrant era does not have even a single survivor to share and let go of your inner nostalgia? These are the subtle hints from your life that there a few things – life wants you to forget and walk ahead. So what do we do? Whom do we tell? How do we communicate what’s rushing inside?

Over the years, when you face the same situation over and over again, you learn to develop a defence mechanism. Every creature develops their own based on the tenacity of the problems they face. A tip to tackle the above issue is to develop multiple strands of personalities within yourself and let one communicate with the other. It is not the easiest of tasks to do, normal human normalcy doesn’t allow you to do that. It’s a thing understandable and justifiable only to the one facing the tunes.

Let the different people in you share the different things amongst themselves. The best part? All of them know each other precisely – through all the thicks and thins, through all the hidden that you couldn’t possibly express. It is a pleasant experience, being self-dependant and self-defendant. Do try it, if the music someday turns upon you.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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