Rant 249 : It’s not a dream

“Just when you wish, those things in the deep sky will turn red and then blue and then white”, the angel said.

“What are those, metal sheets?”


And by this time, my eyeballs rolling over and over again – I was visually rushing through what they called a ‘cineshot’. I ensured I did not miss even a frame. I felt a soft hand brush aside my right hand and for the first time in the last two hours, I felt de-focused.

I look at her and all my nerves slowly calm down. The room suddenly begins to light up, frame by frame, pillar by pillar. It was as if, the whole world waited for this to happen. As the red’s turned to yellows and then lemon greens and the greys turned to whites, my eyes relaxed. I could feel as if, this was all I ever waited for. It was barely 3 minutes since that brushing touch and here was my entire world collapsing. Collapsing chaos into order.

“You feel weight, do you?”the omnipresent voice again asked.

“No, why?”

“Ahan! You dont feel weight pushing you within the chair?”

“Umm, I am not sure of what that means!”



“Uh, I feel a little uneasy, wait! What are you upto? What is this now?”

“Take a little more of that”, I felt as if the voice smiled.

“arghhh, what are you doing? what is this! It feels crazy..”

Suddenly the chair kind of pulls me down. Down-Down-Deeper! The soft hands by the side, now seem above me. Something pulls me down with a force more than G. may be 2x G or 3x G. I try moving my legs, throwing them across the edges of the deep well to get hold of something, but the speed of all that simply increases.

I open up my eyes with a sinking heart, sweaty head and dry lips.

Feels kind of rough in the throat, like probably I shouted and shouted for long. My friend next room comes running in. Opens the door.

“Woah, what happened there? Why you shouting mate?”

“Uhhh…. Gosh! Umm. Nothing just a bad dream I guess.”

“Cool then”

I lie back again and try recollect what just happened. Red sky? Red to blue to white? After multiple attempts, it felt like it was some sorts of a theatre and maybe I was watching a cinema and a soft touch and then..? Something happened which pulled me in. I felt a little stressed and I lay down again.

Within minutes, I felt a soft hand brush against my right hand again. I move back to see who it was, but before that I checked everything around. It was my room and probably I wasn’t dreaming this time. I looked at her, yet again and all those feelings came gushing in, again.

“I just saw a dream and you sat the same way and then I fell somewhere deep. I was so scared. I am glad you are here again. Is this a dream? Another dream?”

She moved towards me and kept a hand on my shoulder and said, “No it’s not! Not this time again”.

And we smiled. Together. Again. A memoir of those old days. I move my hand to touch her face. Its been long. Too long. My hands feel heavy though. I try to raise my hands at her smiling face again. After multiple attempts, she moves towards me and places her face on my palm. The air suddenly turned blue. It was a monochrome of blue – everywhere. I couldn’t stop but cry. Cry at the whelm of my capacity. I feel the sore throat again. I can hear my cry. But its more of a continuous groan.

I wake up once again. To the same sore throat, wet eyes and heavy head. I look at my phone across the table – unlock it- and check the folder – and look at her photo.

“Why was it a dream again?”

“No, it wasn’t a dream!”, the photo replied.

Always Ranting,


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