Rant 263 : The small bullet kills you

You can be anything in this world, but invincible. Life is not a one-way ladder, wherein you keep cruising ahead. It can go either ways. Life keeps throwing juggles time  to time, to  test us if we are at all in the league, where life wants us to be. While you might be handling and efficient at multiple complicated things, at times – some really simple thing can break your mind out. It might test your entire fundamental of life to achieve a small task. Such are the nuances of life.

There will be days when a subordinate at work will challenge you with something so obsolete and meagre that in the first look it will feel like absolute disgrace to lose. But then you lose and rightly so! We often assume or take for granted a few qualities of our past that they come back to haunt us. To haunt us in the worst of the ways. When it comes back to you, do not refrain, do not run away. Face it. Every time you read a previous chapter, you learn something entirely new, something that you could never learn when you were there first-hand. So take the defeat with a pinch of salt and welcome the lessons. Every bit of it will make you an even better and an even worthy person than what you are right now.

So, be mentally ready for the tiny bullets that might someday hurt you the most.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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