Rant 238 : Stop and Slop

Be careful!

Make sure you don’t mess this up!

Please do it properly!

Don’t mix it up please!

…and so on..

We’ve been used to such kind of extreme cautiousness all our lives. Since childhood, we have all been instructed of how carefully or with what level of precision and precaution something has to be done. And what has this done to us? We’ve been reduced to big boxes of disciplined orders waiting for the next order to be bestowed on us so we start again.

In the meanwhile, our bodies grew and so did our brain. We saw different things, more exciting and new to our existence. We learnt to interact with people, objects and things beyond all. Every time our expanding existence wishes to interact with anything new, these orders stop us. Cease emotions. All motions. Sudden thud!

On the contrary, if these orders did not exist – all of us could have had tonnes of neo-experiences. Novel lessons and a lot of learnings – some good, some happy and some not so happy ones. But it could have been a good learning all throughout. What most of us have become after all these years is manual-following programmes. Not an iota of risk or emotions. Emotional steps contain their fair share of risks. It is good to take risks-in a safe environment. But probably a few of them went on become extra-safe.

But then, at some point of time, a person enters your life and guides you to that un-noticed corner. A corner away from the hustle of the traffic. Sits with you for sometime and narrates you the fables from a fairyland – where all your dreams seem to be coming true. Where all your fantasies are dailylife occurences. Such is the change brought to the once stagnant life curve. But then, how long?

How long do we wait for someone to enter our lives and take us away into that dark alley where you can see things on yourself a little clearly. Buy a little time for yourself, sit for a minute and think of how the stars twinkle and shine. When you take the valves that control your life into your own hands, moments begin to change. You feel lighter and more liberated. Do keep pausing often. More often than what the books have told you. More often than what those programmes have dictated you to.

Stop. Stop for a moment and slop. Its okay to slop and its absolutely okay to stop.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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