Rant 278 : Keep up and Survive

I often think that the world is a weird place. Weird enough to make you a creep. Weird enough to break and shatter your planes of trusts and faith. Weird enough to make you an anti-human. Now, anti-human is a big term – but there are reasons I say so. Your survival on this earth – depends on two factors, one on the amount of struggle you can put forth and next the readiness by which  you can agree to adjust for something you never wished for.

How flexible are you?

Can you bend down to the situations to ensure survival? Does that make you sound weak and downtrodden? We often think of bending down as a sign of weakness and that of the one with lower fighting instincts. But is struggle for survival always so vital? Why cannot we be the one who is modest, grounded and still be firm by roots?

See that tall coconut tree? It has a root beyond our imaginations, probably deeper and stronger than the mango tree next to it, but just look at how this coconut could bend down to eternity in the storm and is still standing tall, while the mango tree lost 3 of its main branches and hugely damaged the central trunk. That is what being modest and humble has to do with life. You bend down to normalcy in tough times, break all the shackles of your tallness and depth and the breadth of life you encapsulate and bend down to survival.

It is all about progressing in good and the normal times and on all the other days it is about staying up and survival.

Keep up and survive. That is the only mantra that life has to give to you.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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