Rant 260 : It’s pretty to be silent

“Don’t shout this around, please. You know about it and that is fine for me now. No more publicity. Please”, I begged him while we walked towards the café.

“Dude, isn’t this worth shouting and collecting people on? You’ve got a worthy job and I believe it is absolutely fine to let our peers know about it and plus they will make you spend stuff and that is cool. Lol”, He replied.

“No, please no!” Hey! Stop!!”, I ran after him.

We kept talking about this the whole night and I told him all the stories of the application and the interview and how things moved around. How they felt to have declined at a point, but then surged up again to reality. But he kept back asking, why I did not want him to let others know about this? Well, I surely wouldn’t let every thing out of me so easily and to everyone out there. Some recipes are best well hidden.

Primarily, my efforts to conceal happy moments in life are to ensure that my weakness doesn’t surface out. I really do not know how to respond to things like, “congratulations” or “happy birthday” for instance. I would rather face the army interview board than face a person coming to congratulate me. Might sound gibberish but yes that is the truth and the reason behind why I often become digitally inactive a days before birthdays, results, etc.

If one digs even deeper, it is probably not “just” the weakness of not knowing how to react, but the attempt to not let anyone into your zone accept the select ones you want to. Such people also have the weakness of restricting people from entering their spaces. So, since they are unable to stop people from coming their zones and they don’t want them in their zones in the first place, they prefer to stay silent. To stay anonymous. And of course, this ultimately leads them to becoming allergic to congratulatory wishes and exclamations.

Rest, no one denies happiness, no one denies social acceptance and a good thriving, happy community. But, there are reasons, less discussed, which lead people to do this. Anyways, it is always pretty to be silent.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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