Rant 259 : Social Distancing

“Why do you keep doing this? Please don’t make it way more difficult now, I’ve already had enough”, she walked away after she was done speaking her heart out.

There he stood, tongue in cheek and lost amidst whatever she said.

“I’d lingered around her more than she could bear, probably the reason…” he thought to himself.

Well, not just he, but almost all of us have this peculiar habit of loading the whole of our self onto people who assure shelter. It is a natural tendency which is often magnified by the want of care. The more someone cares, the more we keep tilting on them to get more and more affection. But mostly in the meanwhile we forget that this is not what life has in store for us. Such people are there for counted moments and leaning on them is possibly not the best option available.

To live without leaning too much on someone, so much as to derelict them of their own space, must be vision for life. Leaning on someone must be calculated. No one living on this earth wants people to encroach on their own space and rightly so, they must be given their own space and the help that comes to oneself must be delineated.

The problem is most relationships –whether friendships, bloodline or romantic are based on the principle of complete dependence. While the worldly conditions today seldom allow such dependence. In that case, the conflict happens and the people involved pay a heavy price.

To be on a safer side, keep your senses intact, maintain a safe distance. Keep optimal closeness and reach out to your loved ones, but keep the safe distance – as they say, social distancing.

Always Ranting,


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