Rant 243 : Let’s make home great again

If not always, why do we (most of us) miss home in the most desperate and traumatic moments? Why does nothing else comforts us more than our home when things take an evil turn? These questions are not philosophical ones, rather they need a very objective approach to think why things like these happen.

Take it a step ahead. Why is it that sometimes, staying at home becomes the very issue you were running from when you came home? Why – when you stay home for a long time, you begin to crave for private space. For a buffer, for some freedom to do things which are inappropriately termed in family norms. For exploration, which is probably not a chance back home, because it is often very difficult to come out of the cocoon under the supervision of parents and other elders in a family. You take your turn only when they retire and let you take it. Every other attempt is usually considered amateur and futile. You might be managing the world outside, but when it comes to a guided and a guarded environment, it usually overturns you into an amateur kid doing expected to do silly things and respond to the lamest of activities.

Taking tasks uprightly in their face, is something not most parents allow their kids to do. It is mostly a result of their over-protectiveness and the fear of “inefficient” attempt. It is this attitude of such protected environments that we see trends, where in people who have largely stayed independent discover new activities and traits at a fast rate, commit mistakes at a faster rate and perfect those activities even faster. But the tragedy of the whole process is that most of “these independent individuals” will again attempt to create an environment where in the perfect is “served” to the next generation. Where mistakes are humiliated and processes are “done” for them.

As a person who is now nearly stepping into the next phase of my life, the 30s, I realise how important it is to let people discover processes, commit mistakes and then learn the art of perfecting processes. Every age and every generation brings along newer ideas and better methods to think, learn and innovate. A free-hand to discover things on their own and a safe environment to aid them in learning – be it at home or outside, is the thing we can all do at least to help making home as fun as outside.

Life skills can come in two ways – handed over or be learnt. In most cases (barring a few like touching electricity), learning skills as a first hand experience is the one that innovates, stays longer and bears much more than the handed one. But one thing to be noted, the one who “learns” must not again try and “hand over” the same to the next generation.

Lets make home a better place – a fun place for generations to come.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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