Rant 264 : Facilitating the quitting

“Sir, can I please discontinue?” he said.

He was taken back for a moment. It was just a month that he had started his training and his very first student was now turning away.

Right after he asked this, Dr Sen was caught in a limbo. Should I ask the reason behind the decision? Should I ask him for what I can get better with? Should I ask for a formal feedback? Just while he was thinking about all this, his lips gave in.

“Yea sure”, Dr said.

It was indeed a day of great self-introspection and then while he was thinking over all of this, he suddenly paused and thanked his mind and heart on doing the correct thing by simply answer what the student asked. It was his individual right to leave and it was a waste to somehow try and hold on to the student.

When someone has already thought of talk of letting go, that has already come at a lot of thought. Any efforts of pausing the let off, will just lead to an even greater breakdown the next time. So it kind of becomes your responsibility to help let that person leave before they further get hurt by anything else.

Deciding to opt out must remain an individual power than a group action.

Always Ranting,


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