Rant 239 : Hello, who’s there?

We are one. We are individuals first and then we group up to form relations, families, neighbourhoods, societies, states, nations and beyond. In this age of uber-communication, we seem to be in connect to nearly everyone and everything. From the news of an event that took place at one end of the globe to a person who has probably never ever come even close to you. Such is the power of communication. A kid sitting in the remotest area of a nation can have the communication with the strongest person on the earth – all thanks to technical innovations in communication.

But, as the communication becomes more extrinsic in nature increases, our ability and our effort to know ourselves has decreased beyond comprehension. Most of us have been running after information so much that we never realse that there is a whole universe within ourselves too, of which care of the first order must be taken. The inner universe cannot be compromised because of the outer one. It will not matter in a day or two, but blackout of the intrinsic communication is going to hurt your chances of revival every passing moment.

So, when you hang up a call after spending some 20 minutes on it, do you also take out another 10 minutes to talk to yourself?

“…Hello, who’s this?”

What do you hear? How do you introduce yourself to yourself? You cannot bluff. Your professional CV will probably fail in front of yourself, because you know what you are and nobody does that better than you. So what? How do you present yourself infront of yourself?

Try this out. Try to explain your personality to yourself, in front of a mirror probably. See how you look when you talk. Try to reason out with yourself. Argument, criticise and appraise. Make it extremely difficult for the one in the mirror to explain things to you. Let that person on the other side of the mirror think and brainstorm to a crazy end till you are convinced of their qualities and strengths. In the meantime, you will grow every time you make a wise decision of sustained enquiry.

So, do not hesitate to dial up that number on your phone screen and wait till the person picks up the call –and then go ahead and ask, “Hello.. who’s there?”

It will be no less than a transformation.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

2 thoughts on “Rant 239 : Hello, who’s there?

  1. Wonderful writing!❤️
    If I may, I suggest you to add tags to your post (it’s available in the settings menu. It helps the post reach other people )! Cos, I feel such posts deserve to reach a wide audience!❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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