Rant 237 : And then you rot

You sure it’s okay?

He nodded.

I need to leave, please take care of yourself. Don’t make this so difficult for both of us, I beg you.” She turned back as soon as she finished speaking. He rose, brushed himself up and walked with her for some time – and then he paused.

Not anymore. It will be difficult to come back!

Hmm, I get it. Thanks! Take care”, and she boarded the escalator to the entrance at the airport. he saw her vanish into thin crowd as the escalator went away.

Suddenly, there was a buzz on the phone. Thinking it was her, he rushed with picking up the call.

Hey, you guys done? Should I order for the cab?” It was his friend who was waiting outside with his friends. It was a long evening after a really tiring day.

Yea, call up. I will there in 5”, he put the phone back in his pocket, looked back once only to find her nowhere. He walked back towards the exit of the entrance lobby. The group stood outside and they let him cut right through the centre of the group. No one said a word. The cab arrived and everyone got in at the rear seat. The front seat left empty for him. There was an innate silence around. 5 minutes, before he was about to reach his house, one of his friends, tapped him from the back.

Do you mind us staying back at your place tonight?” Looked like a pre-emptive plan. He agreed to his idea. They all dropped at his house and end the trip of the cab.

They entered his house and each one of them occupied one seat each in the drawing room. He kept observing all of this and could no longer resist.

Guys, make yourselves comfortable, I am going to bed – kinda tired.”

They all looked at him, nodding slightly. He went inside and could hear them all murmur. He came out and asked all of them to come in. They pulled up the mattress out and they all laid down together there on the mattress.

Don’t worry, you will feel better soon.” One of them said.

Hmm, I hope I do. I just wish I don’t rot. I have heard things rot when they stay unattended for a long time. Thanks for staying back. Lets sleep now.”

Two hours later, all the four were asleep. Only his eyes were wide awake. The rot had begun.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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