Rant 215 : “Do not cross the line”

No, sometimes it’s just not possible to uplift yourself up. Sometimes we all feel broken down, tumbling down and diced up and I know that is not okay to begin with, but not everything in this life is supposed to be okay in the first place. There are several emotions we can express and most of them will be expressed. We as humans are not beyond emotions and other vices and that’s perfectly fine.

Be rattled someday. Be fumed up someday. Its okay to be. When you are angry, it is still you. When you are broke, it is still pretty much the same, its you! You don’t change when you are changing emotions. People who know you well, will handle you well and this applies to anyone and everyone of us. But, wait!

There has to be a line beyond which we don’t let our expressions wander around. What line? Personal containment? Capacity? Relations? Trust? Where do we draw the line? We all will be under some extreme emotion someday and at one point it’s okay to understand that it will and has to surge, but where do we draw the line? What do you do when your overwhelming emotions create a damage which you yourself know will be beyond repair? What do you do when your overwhelming emotions create a bump on the calm surface of social tension? Surely there has to be something definitive. Something that can tell you or hint you to stop, without someone physically telling you to do that.

One of the many basis of the lines is the understanding of the interrelationship of trust and responsibility. People who lay trust in you, do so at the cost of something. What is that something? That cost is a piece of their mind and soul that they give to you. Not all relationships have expectations in return, but most are simply limited to repeated acknowledgements and a sense of gratitude, that is it. So when, you tend to lose it to something unfair in your life, this sense of gratitude which turns to a responsibility is the line you have to stop before.

Yes. When someone places their trust in you, you owe a responsibility to them. You cannot break away when it comes to you paying back and as I mentioned earlier, most of the attachments around are okay with a meager sense of gratitude. You cannot jump this line. Every time you jump this line because of the surge of your overwhelming emotions you break a chance to show gratitude. In all earnest suggestions, never do this.

Your emotions are because someone else jumped their line and if you jump your own line, you’re going to pass it on to someone else. Be expressive, but most importantly in a complex social cobweb that we live, it is important that we learn to soak in the excess emotions, so we don’t cross our own lines. So we do not end up transferring our overwhelming emotions to someone else, creating a domino effect.

How do you know where the line in your case is? You don’t need to think a lot about it really. Just follow the thumbnail. Carrying your emotions safely so that other’s around you, who care for you, are not hurt is the key. Express, but when you get close to that line, begin soaking in! And that is the key.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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