Rant 197 : The SPOT fixing!

“Why do we come here so often?”

“Umm, I don’t know precisely, but it does feel good with you here and by here I mean, right here. This spot. Precisely here!”

“Hmm..hahahah.. K. What now?”

“Um, nothing. Just sit here, both of us and feel the breeze, the large lawn before us and just let the ambience go in.”

“Aha! Feels just perfect for the night, doesn’t it?”

“Damn, yes!”

It was all quite for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, the phone vibrated again.

“Do you want to speak something?”, she asked.

“Um, who, me?”

“Yea, I feel you want to say something since a couple of days now. What is stopping you?”

“Hahah.. Its nothing and you need to sush now. Its so calm here. Just be quiet and see this. No typing texts”, he replied. 

“Umm, k! If you say so.”

“hmm” , he replied. 

They both sat there for some 20 more minutes- one there physically and the other one made an online presence. But it was evident they both felt the thing there. Our brain tends to make spots- some secret and some special spots for different purposes and people. They had this as their spot. 

How do spots carry special reverence to some people. I think of it sometimes.  Is it the people or the spot? What can survive- people without the spot or the spot without the people? An answer to this will potentially solve the above conundrum. But there is something more to it – memories! Memories are the sole adhesives between a person and a place. 

Some places, they relax you. Some places, contain that eerie aura of silence which is healing in it’s very nature. Some places are the precise spots of memory cultivation. You visit it once and then pursuade yourself to beleive that it has worked to your favour and has an iota of the memory you wanted to make, or “you both” wanted to make. 

Some spots become so much etched with one particular type of associations that it turns to a cult. Like, family spots, friends spots, couple spots, senior citizens spots, brats spot, etc. The gradual interplay of a place, people and the memory leads to a characterization of a place.This is a wonderful phenomenon in itself. Something brilliant, worth been pondered over. 

Places are painful too. They can take you to memories which are associated with people you do not wish to bring back. What else calls for such type of uninvited cameo? Nothing usually. 

The triad cameo of place, people and the memory is a boon and a bane, both. It depends on you how much salt you put to this triad. Just sit back and think of the not so flashy but more significant spots in your life. Try thinking of the people-place-memory triad. You will shocked how many triads your mind has access to. 

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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