Rant 232 : Sush!

How much of silence is enough? Or bearable?

How much of it can you sustain? How long can you remain silent?

Silence is known as the antidote of chaos. It heals people, situations and complex processes. It can bring calmness to the most highly entropic systems. If carefully utilised, it can well be way dangerous than the most lethal weapon ever invented. Civilizations have come to a standstill because of silence. Ages have undergone transformation because of silence. “Words are mightier than the sword, but silence is mightier than both.” There can be no denial to the fact that silence is a weapon bestowed only on the mightiest. Not everyone can stay silent or “keep” the silence.

But too much of anything is hazardous. Silence too? How do you know if you’ve been silent for enough now? Long enough – for your dear ones to be puffed up? If Silence is a weapon, how do you know where “not to use it”?

A lot of it depends on how you savour your existence? You like it alone – in a team, a family or a person who seemingly fits okay with you. Are you a happy loner or a social fit? Silence for each of these will differ in a great way. The type of effect your silence creates on people is best judged only by you. At a particular point, “this is how I am” ceases to exist as the perfect excuse. You have to think beyond. To step ahead and think what is it that is on stake and how dear it is in the first place. You can let go of a few people, seldom friends, casual troopers, distant family members, but next?

Is giving up silence to save a precious link, too much to ask for?

“Why don’t you speak, I am asking this for the last time now”, She grumbled while she held his arms and was full with tears to the brim.

He stood there silent. Firm as a rock. The very virtues which made her fall for him, were reasons for their fall. She stepped back, hopeless of a reply-an explanation.

“I will miss you”, he said.

“Shut up! No! You’re not going to decide what you speak to me. If you have the right to silence, I have a right to peace too. I will not keep stepping upto you for every stern behaviour of yours.”

“I don’t know what to say”, he said while he turned back and moved to the balcony.

“You will never know what to say mister. You realise that silence is your weapon and you have bruised me more than anything else in this world. I wither day by day and all you have to say is that you have nothing to say?

Nothing to say even if we part?

Nothing to say even if I leave?

Nothing to say even if I genuinely care?

Nothing to say even if I refuse to turn a blind eye to your atrocities?

Nothing to say even if all we had for all these years is now ticking on only to end?

You are a muck. I will pray that you get to your senses soon.”

She left the house with a loud bang of the door behind.

Who’s right? Should he have spoken or should she have kept quiet? Where do we draw a line? Can this be explained?

There is no perfect answer to this. There cannot be. Only that it will keep breaking people, civilisations and homes. There is no antidote, there is no vaccine to this. Silence can strike and it will strike everyone.

Sush is a cute word and yes it is lethal.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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