Rant 231 : The (im)proper advice

Do you listen to people who advice you? What is that one factor that makes it easier to pay heed to the advice? Is it the person? The situation? The will? The innate desires? I don’t know. You probably won’t know it either.  It is very difficult to point out one specific thing.

“I am warning you, don’t be the third person. Your entry is going to make all the three of you cry at the end of the day. Take this as a warning and please don’t proceed”, it was the last thing she said before she hung up the call. I had never ever ignored her suggestions. She was a dear colleague and in the last 2 years had earned a huge respect in my view. But that day, it was a little different. I was not the only one who was choosing between preferences.

There are instances when you are standing at a beach, large waves swamping across the ocean, you understand the hazard and yet, all your mind wants is to go, take a plunge into the salty waters. All advices, all precautionary messages seem illogical. There is an inner provocation that tells you to go take a plunge. These are the feelings that explain you that it is not the 90% fatality rate that needs to be worried of, but the 10% of coming out safely. The mind and the heart becomes extremely optimistic. Everything you do, everything you think comes down to this one moment. All those who put their hearts before their mind, take a plunge. Some come out and rest others, rest in peace. All forms of intoxications, rash driving, and irresponsible lifestyle, we all know the fatality factors, but still take a chance. The reason is simple, these are all things that push your heart beyond your head.

“I will try my best not to”, I replied her and bid her good night.

“Ensure you don’t – I really don’t want you to be in a mess and put them in a mess too”, she said, repeating her warning.


I put the phone back in my pocket and came out of the office.

“Want to walk to the shopping complex before the dinner?”


Don’t be!

Don’t be the!

Don’t be the third!

Don’t be the third person!

Words kept reverberating in my mind. It was as if, every part of my body was defying my will not to fall for this now. I knew the consequences, I knew what trouble this could cast on the 3 in question. But then, for a dream so luring, for a moment so strong, for a feeling so divine, I couldn’t stop myself.

“Yea sure, I will keep my things in the locker and join you guys!”, Was all I could speak.

My words spread smile on her face. It was as if, she waited for this. She walked back, re-affirming of the walk. I could see her going back. I stood there, seeing 3 worlds crumble to ashes. But all of it felt warm. Amazingly secure. A rush of adrenaline, like you feel on a fast racing bike. Or on the first date. I moved back to my room immediately to take a shower and rest for sometime before we went out.

“Did you guys talk again?”, She asked again.

“Umm, no!”

I lied. Because there was a wave coming towards me and all my heart wanted to do was to take a plunge in it.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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