Rant 195 : Seeking equilibrium within the system

We really hope you are able to this! We have put faith in your abilities and you must not let us down. We know it is a tough task, but so was your enthusiasm when you began this project. We expect you to keep up that same enthusiasm and deliver a good product this time. With such a fresh innovative idea, it will either be the best or the worst. It’s a gold or crap thing. So be careful and work hard.

I walked out of the room after the panel gave me suggestions about my work. It was not that the panel was too harsh, but I surely had a good and a sound reality check. How dearly we miss and de-prioritize our life goals and objectives with things which are supposed to be temporary and flashy. 

Yes, I had begun the project with a very very high enthusiasm and it turned out quite well. I was interested, enthusiastic and super concentrated on the work. But as science has it, most ordered systems are often disturbed by the extrinsic and not the intrinsic factors. No one ever explained the reasons to keep the extrinsic factors at bay. 

While I walked out of the office, a sudden pressure surmounted. Was it a rescue hinted to me by the eternal energy to move away from the chaos to a more structured arrangement or was this just another extrinsic factor at play? It is difficult to recognize the factors unless they start showing effect. 

This is why humans are often so critical of human-human interactions. An extrinsic factor from an absolutely another isolated system, interacts with our system and generates a high degree of entropy which leads to disarrangement of thoughts and feelings. To attain equilibrium, this extrinsic factor is subsumed to evolve into a component or a part of the system. With the amalgamation, the turmoil in the system increases which finally leads to an increase level of chaos within the system. The system then re-recognizes the factor as an extrinsic factor. 

This declaration now, faces strong resistance from a part of the system that has now interacted well with the factor. But as time and science would have it, the isolated system strives to have an ultimate equilibrium which is attained by the expulsion of the factor and hence creating an absolute vacuum within. 

This vacuum ought to be filled over in due time by other intrinsic factors. But the components which interacted directly will always be bruised. 

I came back to my room and sat down with  a sheet of paper and a few sketch-pens. I started doodling things from my memory and my older diary on the paper. Wrote down all my targets regarding the project and set up a subsequent deadline for each of them. 

Clearly, I have been affected, but then there are parts in your life which have to kept independent of whatever is happening within. 

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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