Rant 194 : The other option

What would grab your attention first? A smiling kid or a crying kid? A well off person travelling by his private car or the beggar by the street? No you are not supposed to do a deed for them or contribute or comment anything upon them. Just stay and say, which of the two will grab your attention first? 

I asked this question to 6 people today and surprisingly all of them agreed that they would look at  the one showing pain and poverty first, or for a greater duration that the one showing happiness and prosperity. Regular observation, right? You might be wondering what is so special about it? 

Even I wondered. Ofcourse, we are going to look out for pain because we are humans with empathy, well most of us. So that is very very natural. But then, the next moment, something else struck me. Was it the very reason that most of the media and internet relied heavily on sad faces and sad news? May be. Maybe not. 

But it really is a matter of study that we yearn more for pain and suffering as our brain feels a sense of hazard and wishes to know about it in a greater detail so it could ensure safety. 

If this is true, is it the very reason why become sad from a happy state is much more easier than becoming happy from a sad state? I guess so. It is so very easy to fall to depression, while being elevated again takes scores of efforts, sessions, medications, meditation and what not. It is our inherent likeliness to move towards sadness, darkness and fear. 

Effect of  this? Way too much. Examples? If you are really worried about citing examples, close this website and sit down for 5 minutes and recap your recent life. Recent years. Recount how many times have you actually chosen one over the other. If you have a number which can be counted, you are still lucky and an optimist. 

It’s not a matter of the right or wrong, just an observation about a tendency, a behavior. What do you think about this? Is it really the way I feel about it or am I just vaguely generalising things? Do let me know in the comments box below. 

Always Ranting, Rantzaada. 

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