Rant 203 – The empty frame : 2

Read the first part here below:

“They are wonderful, indeed!”

I felt that he knew that I wanted to ask more about the photo frames. He looked at me for a few seconds after he said that.

“What would you like to have – tea or coffee or milk?”

“Thank you sir, I am fine. I just had coffee at a café with my friend.”

“The one outside?”

“Yes sir. He told me if you are going to visit Dinakaran Residence, you must taste the coffee of their private estate. I was really elated by the taste sir. It is wonderful.”

He laughed again.

“That small café has been the point of the genesis of so many relationships, couples still come and thank the café operator on their anniversaries. That place has something.”

“Surely sir. Sir.. Umm, what are these blank frames for?” I threw out the question which he probably knew I was about to ask.

And what he began after that was something I wasn’t expecting. It turned into a monologue of which every bit was as precious as a gem from the past. By the time, the monologue of a couple minutes end, my state of mind was a little different and I had literally forgotten what I was here for. It turned out as if I was here only for this.

In short, he told the photo-frames are here for 2 purposes – One, to display a part of his lives to the viewers and exhibit the sequences of his life that made him what he was today. The other purpose of these albums was that it was a pivotal sequence of his own life in his own eyes, a reminder of how his life panned out over the last 81 years. And this is where he stated the difference. He said for a person other than him, the blank photo-frames do not mean a thing. Maybe for some it can appear that these are frames waiting to be fixed up with an upcoming photograph. But when we talk of his view of the frames, he said, it means that he has some moments in his life, which could not translate to reality. He repeated that these are not things which he is waiting for, but these are already the dead possibilities of the past. These could’ve happened, but did not happen.

I was silent. I could not comprehend his explanation for sometime. It was difficult for me to translate his explanation for something I could understand. It was something beyond our age of temporary attraction. I could get from his eyes and the way his lips trembled in smile while he spoke, that it was nothing but an extremely close romanticism that could never be translated to a relationship.

Suddenly, I turned my face back at the wall and looked at the one photograph in which he stood with a beautiful lady and with superb grace. I noticed that she was nowhere else in any of the frames. I looked up to that photograph and looked back at him. He looked at me and smiled softly. There was a sudden silence all around. He rose up from his chair and started walking towards the frames. He pointed to the 7 frames. While he softly touched all the frames, he said,

“Do you see someone here in these frames?”

“No sir”

“I do!”

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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