Rant 217 : The explainable impression

What do see in a person? Thoughts, views, physical appearance, eyes or personality? Many of us would agree to one of the 5 mentioned traits. Some might say no, it’s the voice, or the walk. Some might say it can be the way they put themselves up. There are so many other things that one can say, describes a person’s first impression. But is it always true that something precise takes up your attention?

When you see a labour working in extreme heat outside, you notice their hard work and their poverty. When you see a person in a lavish car and entering into a 5 star hotel you notice their property and richness. When you notice someone feeding an animal on the roadside, you notice their compassion towards animals and so on. Most of us do make first impressions for people around us by taking note of something very exquisite. Something very typical.

But with some people and some instances, this may not happen. At times, we are taken aback by something unusually attractive or hypnotic in a person’s character and this creates an image in our minds which cannot be justified by reasons or nuances. Such images are simply absorbed by our brain and gets ingested and digested by the deepest zones of our minds. One may or may not want to be on the receiving ends of these expressions, but I strongly believe these instances are involuntary in nature.

These impressions cannot be explained, told or written down. They can be only felt, that too in an extremely yielding environment- like a full moon night or while sitting on a park bench in a windy night. The easier they get into you, the more difficult it becomes to express them out. Even if you try to put this out in words about how you felt about that one person, chances are that they might never understand. Because words can only illustrate what you have already felt and realised.

Sometimes, it will just be a strange, eerie feeling of unusualness when you see someone. Their presence will “cook” something in you and you will never know precisely – what? Its better not to try and understand. Let it be. Feel the beauty of the feeling and let it remain as complex as it was.

Afterall, not all stars emit light. Most stay because they create an unexplainable impression.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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