Rant 229 : The Second Chance

“Are you guys there already?”

“Yea, where are you? We’re all waiting for you and prabhu to be here. Come on quick man!” one of my colleagues replied on the colleagues group.

I opened his contact privately and asked him, what the exact occasion was, so I could take a gift appropriately. He told me there was no need to another gift as they had already taken one on the behalf of the employees and I could simply make a contribution to that gift later on. Happy enough, I rushed to the venue and in the way picking up another colleague of mine.

As soon as I stepped inside the hall, I asked one of my colleagues of what the occasion was.

“It’s a marriage re-union 8 years after they parted for divorce. Isn’t that wonderful?”, she said.

Indeed. To find faith reinstated in someone you lost 8 years back is indeed a beautiful thing. Second chances are rare. Truthful second chances are even rarer. I don’t even know how it feels to have someone you parted long back. Must be weird. Might be happy, I don’t know. What if there was an option to call for a second chance with things you’ve been missing in the severest degrees? Would it be logical to come back into something after being aware that there exist something that had once pulled you back? Well, it might not be logical, but a few things do not required logic. They just need feelings of cohesion. That can bind people and feelings and past and future together.

It was not long back, when a day before we parted, hand in hand, I asked her,

“Do you think, we’ll ever meet or “want” to meet again?”

“What makes you think we will not?” She said.

Because somehow nothing tonight seems normal. The wind, the temperature, the moon, the birds everything is a little off than regular. There is a weird eerie feeling in the air and I possibly cannot help but notice all of it. This maybe be possibly a hint that things will never remain the same henceforth. She never replied if we will ever meet again and this too was queer. Nevertheless, we never did meet again.

Second chances are for the lucky ones. It is for those fellow humans who believed in their attachments more than they believed in destiny. Most of the other humans get stuck in the cobwebs of society, destiny and idiocracy and end their aspirations, which at one point of time seemed out bounds.

“I guess we should go and wish the couple now. Everyone is here. Let’s go!”

“Yea, sure.” I walked behind the group to the dais.

We went up and greeted the couple. They looked happy. Moreover they looked satisfied. Why won’t they? Ever seen a person looking for a lost key in the house for a week and then finding it back right in his office bag? The content feeling on the face and the relief that now things will “possibly be fine” makes that person jump with joy.

Have you ever got a second chance? What does it taste like? Can you hear it? Or touch it? Or feel it, the way you used to do before? Do things change after the first attempt or do they become even more intense?

I will never know. There is no chance. There is no Second chance.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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