Rant 205 : The withering plant

It was a good pleasant morning at home. Around 7.30 am and I woke up and walked up to the few plants I have in my small courtyard. Among all the well-growing flowers and plants there was one which was stuck. It wasn’t just growing up. I had last seen it in mid-December and it was still somewhere around the same height, same leaf texture and no signs of any flowering. Just seemed like a freaking loser in the whole lot of plants. Worried, I asked my father of the possible reason.

“why is this not growing dad?”

“Eh, its just because of the tree over it and that tree flowers. So I am not cutting it. Let it be this way till the other one grows tall enough, then we will probably just trim it off and let the smaller one grow”, he said.

It was a little difficult for me to understand this. What if the smaller plant just died before all that trim stage was upon it? Is co-existence so tough? I really wish life was a little less cruel when it came to making such tough decisions.

It was not long before when things had to be selected and most of it was based on cruel guidelines. What we select and how we react in these conditions is tough. Plants do wither and they fall down, but the most heart-breaking ones are those, who have a zeal to stand but are overpowered by extrinsic factors and are forced to succumb to all of them. It’s mostly these factors that lead to such a disappointing and rather disheartening end of a bright green sapling that once had the urge to surge beyond the horizon. To bear fruits and flower like no one before did.

This also brings us to one more and even darker reality of life. The concept of extrinsic and intrinsic factors. We, since childhood are trained to have a very positive outlook to life, hone our skills, increase our work efficiencies and permanently be indulged in an act of improvement. Everything and everyone in our preliminary learning stage including our close families, schools and our colleges and our colleagues – all focus on the same set of things. Increase and refine your intrinsic skillsets in order to shine bright in the world outside.

But little were we taught that the intrinsic skills are just one side of the coin. Once we are out in the world, the extrinsic factors become even more buoyant and they now decide if the environment will allow the growth of the intrinsic factors or not. This is the phase where the normal differ from the greats. The average human stays dormant and wishes that the environment clears out its way to go through, while the great grows in its own trajectory and tears through most of the extrinsic factors.

It’s difficult to point out which of the factors will push you down and which ones will help you surface and leap ahead. But one thing for sure, everything that pushes you down has to be ignored and torn apart and all of us need to spear ahead in a direction that helps us all grow and be the plant that does not wither.

“What are you doing?” , my father asked me.

I smiled at him and chopped off one big leaf of the larger plant that had obstructed the growth of the lower one. He looked at me with a quizzed face and went inside. I stood there, realigned the smaller plant to the wall and supported it with a vine so it could grow well.

A withering plant, now – will grow!

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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