Rant 45: The curved roads & the sleeping men

It was roughly 3am. I was waiting for the EXP 4 bus to arrive on the Kashmere Gate Metro station which would take me to the IGI Airport terminal T1D. The bus arrived a few minutes later and I boarded the bus like a tired old fellow. I went straight and grabbed the first seatContinue reading “Rant 45: The curved roads & the sleeping men”

Rant 44: The one biggest mistake in relationships

I have been thinking over this since quite a long time and I believe I have now run down to the one biggest issues in relationships. Now what I write next is based on the premise that a relationship compromises not just the blood relationships, but the love affairs, normal friendships, platonic relations or evenContinue reading “Rant 44: The one biggest mistake in relationships”

Rant 43 : The fault in our scars – 2

This is a continuation of the previous rant, Rant 42 : The fault in our scars -1. Incase you have not yet read that, read it here, https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2019/09/02/rant-the-fault-in-our-scars/ From the last part, I asked her, as I always did, ” Are you okay? Nishita?”“Hmm”“You can share, not a problem” ” No I am fine, seriously!” ” IContinue reading “Rant 43 : The fault in our scars – 2”

Rant 42 : The fault in our scars -1

” I would never forget him for what he did to me”, She said crying vehemently. I sat infront of her, holding her hands between mine. I guess that was all I could do, with what was left between us. “I gave everything that was required for it to sustain, my time, my career, myContinue reading “Rant 42 : The fault in our scars -1”

Rant 40 : The happiness list

We always keep looking for happy faces, happy people, happy situations, happy moments, happy memories, happy delicacies and nearly everything happy. Here is a list of things that make me happy or atleast I believe they do: A butterfly on your hands A parrot repeating what you saidA squirrel on your shoulder and not movingAContinue reading “Rant 40 : The happiness list”

Rant 36: The stylish mask of sensitivity

Disclaimer and Cautionary note: This post does not mean to generalise each one of the real warriors but is a representation of my irk for those whom I call masked wolves. Read the full rant and you will understand what I mean by the masked wolves. Aug 23, 2019. I just signed the petition “StopContinue reading “Rant 36: The stylish mask of sensitivity”

Rant 34: One year, a day at a time

What is a day? A week? A month? A year?? What is a comparatively easier option for considering as a unit? There are 365 days (366 in a leap year) There are 52 weeksThere are 12 months, or Lets come down to 8760 hoursor 5,25,600 minutes, or 3, 15,36,600 (some like 3.15 crore, more thanContinue reading “Rant 34: One year, a day at a time”

Rant 33: Songs that are stuck on the timeline

September 2016, Pondicherry Promenade Beach. Cool breeze (quite strong). Clear night sky. A boat at a distance in the sea. Only a frail streak of light visible. 3 friends sitting after a tiring whole day of biking from Pondi to Auroville and back. Kya mujhe pyar hai (Woh Lamhe, 2006,kk) <background music on my speaker>Continue reading “Rant 33: Songs that are stuck on the timeline”

Rant 31: The trust that you never had!

9:45 AM, Thursday. Seeing the rains outside the glazing. Hot coffee in the right hand. A little more than half the mug . I took a sip. Looked at the new joinee on the extreme end of my aisle. Smiled. She smiled back to. Waived my hand like I would say, Hey Tanisha, Good morning.Continue reading “Rant 31: The trust that you never had!”

Rant 28: The middle class economics 101

23rd October 1999. The Uniform House, Jamshedpur. “Namaste Madam, Come please sit. What do you need?”“Bhaiya, I need a school sweater , brown color for my kid”, my mom said.“How old is he?”“7 years” ” I will measure his shoulders, beta come here” I walk up to him, keeping an eye on my mom. “34Continue reading “Rant 28: The middle class economics 101”

Rant 27: Home cooked food: extinction in waiting

9:32 pm. I opened this food delivery app, put in my pincode and logged in. Instantly I receive a mail on my mailbox – in the promotions label. “Why cook when you can order?”I smirked at the mail, unsubscribed and delete. I opened the app. There was this poster – paka mat. I ignored andContinue reading “Rant 27: Home cooked food: extinction in waiting”

Rant 26: The other half of the promise

Promise, noun a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen,or, give good grounds for expecting (a particular occurrence). Promises or swear, as we know are the basic tools we – you, he,she, her father, his mother, her teacher, her coaching, her garment company and yea, me too,Continue reading “Rant 26: The other half of the promise”

Rant 24: Go, dust off your box of joy

Ever came in touch with an iron press? Noticed where your arm goes and the pitch at which you shout? – Possibly not. Ever lost it while watching cricket and your favorite batsman is bowled out? Noticed the speed at which you jumped? Or the way you stopped the curse words which you were aboutContinue reading “Rant 24: Go, dust off your box of joy”

Rant 22: Dating a plate of Idli

2nd June 2018, Marina Beach Chennai. After I reached Chennai Mofussil bus terminal early morning, I freshened up and started for Marina Beach. I was tired, but excited and hungry too, after the overnight bus journey from Bangalore. It was my last month at work and since I was on a notice period, the closingContinue reading “Rant 22: Dating a plate of Idli”

Rant 21: This is not shit, just different!

I belong to Jharkhand, a state in the eastern part of India. Most aspiring students flock towards Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Odisha Andhra Pradesh, Telangana. Likewise, many students from the southern part of India come to the northern states like Delhi-NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat for their higher studies. They leave their home once andContinue reading “Rant 21: This is not shit, just different!”

Rant 20: The Tree-View luxurious villa poster and the joke we don’t get

(This is a piece of fiction and all places and characters mentioned are just to suit the built of the piece. They have no relevance whatsoever with any existing place or people)  A government office, somewhere in erstwhile undivided Bihar, 1985.  “Did you read the article in today’s newspaper, Pandey jee?” “No, what is it about?” “ThereContinue reading “Rant 20: The Tree-View luxurious villa poster and the joke we don’t get”

Rant 18: Understanding the Domino effect and then killing it

Have you ever been an intern – had your seniors shouting on you and how worthless professionally and morally you were? Have you ever been infront of your parents and relatives and heard about how embarassed they were to have you in their family? Have you ever been in a situation when your loved oneContinue reading “Rant 18: Understanding the Domino effect and then killing it”

Rant 17: Being Myopic and killing the stigma around it

MYOPIC. adj. Short or nearsightedness, Lacking farsightedness or intellectual insight. You must have heard this term from several people around you. Don’t be myopic, you’re such a short-sighted person, have some far-sightedness, etc. Every single one of us has been rebuked by this. Especially the ones before the technology boom began in the late 90’sContinue reading “Rant 17: Being Myopic and killing the stigma around it”

Rant 16 : Re-inciting Bapu’s Talisman to save the world.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. I have my own reservations and informed opinions about him. Definitely a major turnaround in the Indian war of Independence was brought about by him and on the same hand he was also responsible for some of the gravest blunders and cases of prejudiced selections. And well, I personally do not expectContinue reading “Rant 16 : Re-inciting Bapu’s Talisman to save the world.”

Rant 15: The drowning biscuit and waiting watch

While, tea comes in several avatars – good morning tea, post breakfast tea, the make-up for lunch tea, the post lunch tea, the lunch’ish tea, the 4o’clock tea, the random sunset tea, and it goes on. Tea is not the one that sticks on a schedule. It’s like a smile. Can make it’s place anywhereContinue reading “Rant 15: The drowning biscuit and waiting watch”

Rant 14:The brutal killing of the golden goose within

Ever felt like you are capable of doing nothing, just another lump of flesh and blood on earth? Ever felt like everything you did till today, uptil now, has gone for a toss?Ever felt like the decision you took the other day with such care and precision just toppled over and you’re left with nothingContinue reading “Rant 14:The brutal killing of the golden goose within”

Rant 13: Dilemma of Right and Wrong – The Yin and the Yang syndrome

Most often that not, we find ourselves stuck in a weird psychological warfare with our own self. What if this thing that I am doing is wrong? What if this will lead to something terrible and out of the senses? What if this hurts everyone who is associated with me – directly or indirectly? WeContinue reading “Rant 13: Dilemma of Right and Wrong – The Yin and the Yang syndrome”

Rant 12: Come back to “your weekend”, not “theirs”

Saturday night. “ey man, what’s the plan?” “What plan?”“This Saturday?”“Umm.. I am going to arrange my room .. aaaaaand, maybe go with our neighbor to buy a computer for his kid. Come home, cook as usual, and make my bed and just lie down for 2-3 hours calmly with my windows wide open so IContinue reading “Rant 12: Come back to “your weekend”, not “theirs””

Rant 11: The mundane and gloomy case of a highway

“Mumma, where are we going?”“Agra, son. Taj Mahal, Petha, mithai khaenge udhar”“ye kya hai?”, kid pointing towards the road. “Road hai, uspe gaadi chalti hai na beta, nice road na?”“why is it black mumma?” the 5-year old asked. “Umm, because he is powerful. Batman ke jaise… yaaayyyy!”“hehehe…yayyy”, the kid laughed. The journey continued. The blackContinue reading “Rant 11: The mundane and gloomy case of a highway”

Rant 10 : The global apathy and the diminishing dialects

Not long back, was I once discussing with a fellow friend about the different accents our friend circle contains – Bihari accent Hindi, Tamil accent English, Gujarati accent Hindi, Ranchi accent Hindi, Odiya accent English, and so on. We were amazed to see, even English which is supposed to be a language of global orderContinue reading “Rant 10 : The global apathy and the diminishing dialects”

Rant 8: The day I cried – a confession.

What brings you here? The hope that I am going to make a confession of the day I cried? Isn’t it just sensational? A guy crying? a mature 27 year old crying – must have been something very very terrible. Something which would have broken him from inside. Something which would have shook his ideaContinue reading “Rant 8: The day I cried – a confession.”

Rant 6: Correcting the 10% fault – the other side of Eve-teasing

What’s funny? Kapil Sharma? Tarak Mehta? Trevor Noah? Abhimanyu? Gupta jee? There are many many things in this world which are funny. A dog wearing glasses and dancing on a public square. A politician saying, I will make sure this happens this time. Or your parents saying, “beta, bas 12th kar lo ache se, firContinue reading “Rant 6: Correcting the 10% fault – the other side of Eve-teasing”

Rant 5: The scale of our stories – the vibrantly shamed Bollywood movies.

Ever been a Bollywood fan? Yes – No? If you haven’t experienced the stigma around Bollywood, next time you’re in a CCD or a McD having that favorite Mocha or the Big Mac, say “I love Bollywood” and then for the next 10 minutes’ notice the queer views that will pierce you through and through.Continue reading “Rant 5: The scale of our stories – the vibrantly shamed Bollywood movies.”

Rant 4: 10:19 minutes of pure nostalgia and choked feelings – Sandese aate hain

Today I first pay my revered homage and salute to the veer martyrs and soldiers who fought back in 1999 in this month against our neighbouring country and reclaimed the outposts on the 26th July’99. Happy Vijay diwas- and kudos to the team of Operation Vijay (army), Operation Doodh Sagar (IAF) and the Operation TalwaarContinue reading “Rant 4: 10:19 minutes of pure nostalgia and choked feelings – Sandese aate hain”

Rant 3: The generic rant of a 90’s kid – the Doordarshan syndrome. (DDS)

17th September, 1996. Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been the new PM of India 3 months back for the first time and resigned witin 16 days. The morning news @6.30 am shows a speech of the PM from the resignation day. 16 inch small squarish Thomson TV. Remote? – eh, no! Remotes were only for robotsContinue reading “Rant 3: The generic rant of a 90’s kid – the Doordarshan syndrome. (DDS)”

Rant 2: The disgrace of the holy blood: the bleeding lady

24th July 2006 10:25 am. “Mam, can I go to the toilet?” she said. A wierd exchange of eye contacts and the teacher let’s her out. “Mam, you did not allow us, but you did allow her!”, Varun a fellow classmate, a 13 year-old asks the teacher. “She is not well Varun”, the teacher replied.Continue reading “Rant 2: The disgrace of the holy blood: the bleeding lady”

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