Rant 33: Songs that are stuck on the timeline

September 2016, Pondicherry Promenade Beach.

Cool breeze (quite strong).
Clear night sky. A boat at a distance in the sea. Only a frail streak of light visible.
3 friends sitting after a tiring whole day of biking from Pondi to Auroville and back.

Kya mujhe pyar hai (Woh Lamhe, 2006,kk) <background music on my speaker>
“Guys!”, I said in a placid tone.
“hmm?”, Sameer said.
“Don’t you guys just feel like being transported to 2006-08 when you hear these songs from the KK-Imran Hashmi-Himesh Reshamiya era?”, I asked in all excitement.

awkward silence.

“Nahi bhai, doesn’t happen.”, Sameer said.
“Ab just contain your bollywood romance in you and be quiet!”, Neeraj said.
“These songs just take me to that time frame. 10th class. Multiple crushes. Academic Pressure. Being like the kind of the High school. Minister-ship in Council. Close contacts with teachers to get any difficult work done. Settings with the lab assistant. Everything just comes right infront my eyes. I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys!”, I presented my case with confidence.
“EH, Neeraj let’s leave him here and move”.
They both stood and moved some 10m away. Strange. Some people will never get the romance in Bollywood songs.
In the mean time, this song was over. I surfed through my playlist.
Tu hi Meri Shab hai, (Gangster,2006, KK)
I hit play, looked at the other two guys, smirked and increased the volume. Burn haters, BURN!

I don’t really know how many of you feel this way, but for me, music for me seems to come with a timestamp. I usually associate music with the time, the people around, the environment and sometimes even the senses like touch, feel, smell, excitement, pain, sorrow, etc. Maybe this is common or maybe it’s just me. I have been ridiculed more than accepted on this trait of mine. 😀

Like, my childhood is laden with Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan songs. There are typical songs which are connected to typical scenes in my life. These memoirs are usually very strong and pretty much protected in my memory. I can connect the exact timestamps related to a some of them. I am no music expert, but yes an avid listener of music, mostly bollywood and hindi songs till I started my Undergraduate studies.

Like, for instance, Dekho two-thousand zamana aagaya (MELA, Aamir Khan) is connected with me writing Welcome 2kY on the street at 12am on 1st January 2000. It was a wonderful experience that our generation could have. Changing of a millennium. I have clear memories of that night. Other prominent songs that played that night were from Sarfarosh movie, Vaastav and Hum Dil de chuke sanam. I hope you are getting the musical environment I am talking about. I was a class 2 student and took great pride whenever I got a chance to write something in English on the road with limestone paste.

Another musical phase etched in my memory is the period of 2005. Possibly because I bought my first PC then. It had some songs stored by default. Songs like those from Dhoom, Dhol, Kisna , Veer Zaara, Main hoon na, etc were on the full rise. I was in class 8 and did not really care a lot about romantic songs. I found them good but was not qualified enought to understand it. Favourite songs then were the ones from Dhoom, Main Hoon Na, Kisna and Swades. Whenever I hear Dhoom Machale, Dhoom (Dhoom, 2004) I instantly feel that I am sitting infront of the Samsung 17″ monitor with my feet on the UPS and Flat Frontech speakers with a woofer below playing the song. On the screen, is the randomly colored 3-D plumbing pipes coming (I never realised I would actually be making plumbing drawings some day).

Another strong correlation with songs come up during the 2008-09 phase. Movies like Om Shanti Om, Ghajini, Rab ne bana di jodi, Jodha Akbar had given us enough romantic songs on whose ground our stories could develop. 😀 Plus there were energy packed songs also, which we zeroed in for our events and farewells and get-togethers. I play those songs, and straight to 2008! Lol.

Offlate, the latest songs that have stuck on the timeline are the songs from Article 15 and Kabir Singh, while the summers of 2019. They will be remembered in the same manner as the others listed above.

Songs just don’t stick to a particular time without any reason. They get stuck when you get fully involved in each of the words, in the music in the first 20s and the last 10s. In the lyrical expressions and sometimes the videography related to it. Sometimes, its could be a background song when you spent your time with the special one. Somedays, it might be the song in the car when you bid farewell to your friend and somedays it can be simply a song from the local music store while you first saw your crush (with her dad :P).

Music makes our lives better, often! For me, music has been a refuge to all my problems. Single point refuge till quite recent. I do keep different songs for different moods and different emotions.

“Are you done with your madhubala dilip kumar, bro?”, Neeraj said.
“We are leaving for the hotel, come back soon”, Sameer shouted too.

I stood up, brushed off my shorts, kept the speaker in the pocket and walked after them.

….mitti ki hai jo khusboo, tu kaise bhulaega, tu chahe kahi jae, tu laut ke aega…. (Swadesh, 2004)

Do let me know if you liked this writeup. Tell me in the comments if there are typical songs attached to your timeline too. Share this post with someone with whom you share a special song from a special era. 🙂

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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