Rant 165 : They just wont dispose!

“Hello, stop. Stop, Please. Stop stop.”, I stopped the car driver. Stopped my two wheeler at the side of the road and went upto him. It took me a chase of around 2-3 kms to make this guy stop.  “Yes, what’s your problem, why are you following us?”, he asked furiously while his family inContinue reading “Rant 165 : They just wont dispose!”

Rant 164 : Thanks for dropping me home

“Sir, OTP?” “Yea, 8765”, I settled myself while the driver fed in the otp.  “Sir, drop sir?” “Townhall. Gate A.” “Okay sir” The cab started. I was about to meet this lady for possibly the one last time. We’d been such good friends for such a long time. Gosh! Lower KG to now. 20 years.Continue reading “Rant 164 : Thanks for dropping me home”

Rant 163: Sublimation

“Sir, how much?”. The diesel bunk staff asked.  “2500 rupees”, I handed him my card for payment and opened up the fuel tank.  The fuel indicator showed close to full. How easy was it to refill a tank, pay and refill. I wish refilling emotions was this easy too. Refilling zeal, ambition, positivity. I wouldContinue reading “Rant 163: Sublimation”

Rant 162 : The right-left hand synergy

“Listen, I won’t be able to do it. I am sure I won’t be. Please understand.” I was literally shitting bricks. She forced me in and made me sit there.  I was in the worst phase of my chain list of phobias. I cursed the day when I became friends with people like these. WhyContinue reading “Rant 162 : The right-left hand synergy”

Rant 161 : I failed and I love it!

Do you see a window around? What do you want to do? Open it – or Close it?  Your answer would probably be, that you would chose to decide on the basis of how the weather is, the level of privacy you want or the lighting conditions you require. Window, though it has a positiveContinue reading “Rant 161 : I failed and I love it!”

Rant 160 : How much is enough?

“Why did not just not tell him. You should’ve spoken to him right then and there. Man! Enough is enough!”, I blasted on her, literally! It was the 4th time Manav had abused her and I could not just take it.  “I don’t know why, but I froze, I couldn’t just speak. I kinda chokedContinue reading “Rant 160 : How much is enough?”

Rant 159 : Solace through cartoons

“No! Not at all!“ he shouted.  “No, no,no. I am going to watch cartoons tonight. I have planned it all. I aint coming out with you all!”, I replied.  “Bro, you’re seriously gonna watch childhood cartoons now? And that too you’re saying you’re gonna watch it through the day! How sick!”, he rebuked me forContinue reading “Rant 159 : Solace through cartoons”

Rant 158 : Core of suicides, from an expert himself – 2

This is part-2 of my conversation with a suicide-prevention specialist. To read the first part, click the below link.  Rant 158 : Core of suicides, from an expert himself – 1 https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2020/01/01/rant-158-core-of-suicides-from-an-expert-himself-1/ “So how do you usually talk to these vulnerable people, I mean what is your basic approach – to help them focus onContinue reading “Rant 158 : Core of suicides, from an expert himself – 2”

Rant 157 : Core of suicides, from an expert himself – 1

“Excuse me son”, a man probably in his late 40’s asked me.  “I am trying to download an app, but the play store keeps saying download pending. I need to download it before reaching Delhi for my cab. Can you help?”, he had some issues with the app downloading. I took his phone.  I clearedContinue reading “Rant 157 : Core of suicides, from an expert himself – 1”

Rant 155 : In love with the medicine

I was on a treatment schedule. A period of a couple of weeks and some prescription. I was asked to see things I loved, talk to people whom I cared about. I have never made such a tight schedule trip before, but I was out this time. Had a wonderful 2 weeks! Revisited the mostContinue reading “Rant 155 : In love with the medicine”

Rant 154 : The ugly cob-web

“I am sorry, please come back. I promise won’t happen. Never again”, he cried while he spoke. His coarse, heavy and choking voice broke her heart. She wanted to speak, but she did not know what to say. He’d never been that rude before but that day, he just crossed all limits, she did notContinue reading “Rant 154 : The ugly cob-web”

Rant 153 : One+oNE = ONE

“Why don’t you just sleep. It’s 3 am already. You will get yourself a day of headache again if you keep doing this” “I know, but I just don’t feel like sleeping. I feel fresh.” “But, you haven’t slept in the last 27 hours. Don’t joke around with your body. Go sleep.” “Are.. but..” “No!Continue reading “Rant 153 : One+oNE = ONE”

Rant 152 : Hitch-hiking through life.

Ever waited for someone to come and hold you and take you to your destination somewhere? Felt anguished at no one coming to help you out when you’re in trouble? Felt the pain about the fact that you helped so many but no one is apparently there to help you? Welcome to the world ofContinue reading “Rant 152 : Hitch-hiking through life.”

Rant 151 : The addiction chronicles

Ever heard of a term ‘rehabilitation’? Or commonly known as a rehab? What does it do? Provides an environment where you can let go an addiction and the environment or the facilities around will help you prevent going back to it again and again. Over some time, your mind will be less and less demandingContinue reading “Rant 151 : The addiction chronicles”

Rant 150 : Traveler or a tourist?

While I am travelling, many people often ask me if I was a tourist or a traveller. I avoid myself being labelled a tourist. I really believe I am more of a traveler than a tourist. Most people and friends do not understand the difference between the two. If I was asked, these two areContinue reading “Rant 150 : Traveler or a tourist?”

Rant 149 : The couple solo trip

“Will you really not come along?” “No”, she said.  “Shit! I thought you were joking and you would come down all ready with the bag and join me”, I said in a doomed tone.  “Eh”, she said and hugged me tightly. I had never been on a trip out alone in the past two years.Continue reading “Rant 149 : The couple solo trip”

Rant 148 : Sense of a “Place”

What do you think is a place?  What do you feel like when you are in a different town? A town you’ve never ever been to before. A place where you probably will not come ever after. A place with just a one time visit. A visit for something special. To take away memories whichContinue reading “Rant 148 : Sense of a “Place””

Rant 147 : Sugar and water

What if you could make sugar out of your blood? Would you still dissolve and watch it becoming nonexistent infront of you? How does it feel to see something getting lost right in front of you? Like right there. Just there. Yes. Feel nothing? Happy ? sad? Lost?I today came across a wonderful memory whichContinue reading “Rant 147 : Sugar and water”

Rant 145 : A terribly good dream -2

This is a continuation of the last post, Rant 145 : A terribly good dream -1 at the below link :  https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2019/12/18/rant-144-a-terribly-good-dream-1/ I thought for a couple of minutes. Ok, that was it. I turned back. Looked at her. Ah! God! Why! Same Nishita, big eyes, filled to the brim with tears, not a dropContinue reading “Rant 145 : A terribly good dream -2”

Rant 144 : A terribly good dream -1

Some dreams are terrible. Terrible in the sense that they are too good to be true. I mean these dreams don’t leave you with anything but even more pain and desperation. When you know there is nothing to be done now. That there is no possibility of anything happening anywhere and anywhere else in thisContinue reading “Rant 144 : A terribly good dream -1”

Rant 142 : Talk out your heart?

The desperation to be heard? No one’s listening?? Do you ever feel like approaching someone and speaking your heart out to them. There are always a few humans who will be eager to hear you out, come what may. But more often than not, it is not just speaking your things out to someone.Often, youContinue reading “Rant 142 : Talk out your heart?”

Rant 141 : Art Class – Shankar Sir’s lessons

“So, 3 lessons for today – First, keep the strokes in one direction, second color from top to bottom and third, don’t cross the line”, Shankar Sir announced in class. It was the first class of my art school. It did not look like the typical art school my friends were going into. It wasContinue reading “Rant 141 : Art Class – Shankar Sir’s lessons”

Rant 139 : Fickle minded?

“Yea, I will wait outside, you get your work done”, I suggested Sahil I will stay by the car. I really avoid going inside hospital’s emergency wards. I don’t know why. Sahil, my room mate had to get the doctors signatures of one of the prescriptions he had written. Was barely 10 minutes work toContinue reading “Rant 139 : Fickle minded?”

Rant 138 : The broken door – 2

This is a continuation of the previous Rant 137 : The broken door, the link is as below,  https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2019/12/09/rant-137-the-broken-door/ Moving ahead..  I pushed the door with a light push and a lot of nervousness. I had to push it upwards while also pushing it in the front direction. Carefully and slowly, the door began toContinue reading “Rant 138 : The broken door – 2”

Rant 133 : What if? – 2

It is a continuation of Rant 132 : What if?. Read it at the below link : https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2019/12/04/rant-132-what-if/ I received a text message. I reached the phone and checked the message. “You have just been the most beautiful human which has happened to me after my family. I cannot help but keep thinking about youContinue reading “Rant 133 : What if? – 2”

Rant 131 : Sharing the absence

“I really want you to understand this, you are seriously going to hurt your this quarter’s employee performance if you carry on with this attitude of yours. You were on top of our employee cards and suddenly this fall. I cannot ascertain the reason behind this. Its really crazy to see you falling down thisContinue reading “Rant 131 : Sharing the absence”

Rant 130 : When the mask works!

“You are seriously crazy. How do you even maintain your cool knowing we have just a few hours before things close down. Like the semester closes down in less than 12 hours now, you say you have no work and still such carelessness?”, my batch mate questioned. I know its weird. But I strictly believeContinue reading “Rant 130 : When the mask works!”

Rant 129 : The wonder of the warm palm

How do you usually console a person who has broken down right in front of you? Talk to them? Console them by words? Never do that. NEVER. When a person breaks down it is usually the limit of the emotional restraint that she or he has reached and could not practice restraint any further. InContinue reading “Rant 129 : The wonder of the warm palm”

Rant 128 : Make me a 100% black

Black. Black is associated with power, fear, mystery, strength, authority, formality, death, evil, and aggression, authority and rebellion. This is what we all believe, don’t we? But these are the definitions of the impractical men and women. Those who have assumed black to be the evil and the rest to be the good or non-evilContinue reading “Rant 128 : Make me a 100% black”

Rant 127 : Curd rice it is, my Lady!

“There are times when somebody’s absence doesn’t hurt you much, but the unanswered questions hurt you even more.”, the anchor on the famous mental health talkshow said. “Yes, its true and that is the reason why we as professionals are trying to take care of this part by bringing in preventive care than a muchContinue reading “Rant 127 : Curd rice it is, my Lady!”

Rant 126 : The trait of not moving on

I was there in my apartment. Lying on the bed, pillow by my head, a speaker playing my favourite songs. A small cup with warm mustard oil and a small cloth in it. I had asked for an off from work that day as I had around 9 CL’s left with me and it wasContinue reading “Rant 126 : The trait of not moving on”

Rant 125 : SHIFT + Delete

Though I hate generalizing or forming opinions about a group or a type of people, but I prefer to keep those things in my mind as a support tool for my personal “future” decision making situations.  One such observation has been regarding people, who deem it easy and “okay” to completely forget, cut-off their history Continue reading “Rant 125 : SHIFT + Delete”

Rant 123: The Negative

“Stop it now, will you?”, she shouted in front of everyone.  “You are crazy and you are just going to hurt me more. So please shut up and get lost from here. Please”, I was still unable to comprehend what just happened.  Sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan them to be.  Sometimes, thingsContinue reading “Rant 123: The Negative”

Rant 122 : Love for the stone

This is a continuation of the previous post Rant 120 : The eternal mirage, whose link is given below.  https://the11oclockdiary.home.blog/2019/11/21/rant-120-the-eternal-mirage/ After returning from Badami, Sriramalu’s words were still echoing in my mind.  “Maybe sir. Maybe that can happen. But for me, I don’t think about what the rock may or may not give. I seeContinue reading “Rant 122 : Love for the stone”

Rant 121 : “….the dream trip!”

“No I mean, why don’t people try different things, I mean just for the sake of having a different experience? Why not try new things or do things which genuinely make you happy. Why to go for the cliched things every single time? Arey it is his marriage man! I suggested him so many goodContinue reading “Rant 121 : “….the dream trip!””

Rant 120 : The eternal mirage

“So, you climb these steps everyday and visit that rock, really? Everyday?”, I asked hesitatingly. “Yes, it’s been 4 years now. I started when I had just shifted to Badami.”, Sriramalu replied. When I met him I had no clue that this simple looking guy, yes, he will probably be the most average looking guysContinue reading “Rant 120 : The eternal mirage”

Rant 119 : The vale of emotions

“uh, it’s already year end, like 5 weeks away! Another year booom. gone!”, Swami kept blabbering to himself, while I was still trying to figure out the perfect concoction for my filter coffee. “I mean, every January 1st, we are like, this year is it! We will do this, this and this! and then slowlyContinue reading “Rant 119 : The vale of emotions”

Rant 118 :”…happen, …happen”

“If it has to happen, it will happen” I saw this written in an advertisement I saw in today’s newspaper. Such an easy going, cute line. Makes you feel like a fool for having killed so many days in pain and whine, so many nights in tears and so much of the happiness that youContinue reading “Rant 118 :”…happen, …happen””

Rant 116 : The fault in our scars – 4

This post is a continuation of a series of Rant 114 : The fault in our scars – 3, Rant 43 : The fault in our scars – 2 and Rant 42: The fault in our scars – 1. It is recommended you read the series to have a better understanding of the plot. The link to the RantContinue reading “Rant 116 : The fault in our scars – 4”

Rant 115: De-throning.

Assume you are a person, a working professional with an annual salary of, let’s say, 12 lakhs. Take a hypothetical situation where in your work-life balance is pretty stabilised and you have a good family background too – both socially and economically. Also, you have a sound health and good personality that increases your chancesContinue reading “Rant 115: De-throning.”

Rant 114 : The fault in our scars – 3

This post is a continuation of a series of Rant 43 : The fault in our scars – 2 and Rant 42: The fault in our scars – 3. It is recommended you read this to have a better understanding of the plot. The link to the Rant 43 is given below which has aContinue reading “Rant 114 : The fault in our scars – 3”

Rant 113 : The strong & reliable wall

“Where are you these days man? Haven’t heard from you since some time now?” “Here only Jadav, just a little occupied”, I replied. “Ok, let’s catch up this weekend at the katori. I will call the others too”, he proposed a weekend plan to my horror. “Umm, ok, we can see to it”, I replied hesitatingly. FromContinue reading “Rant 113 : The strong & reliable wall”

Rant 112 : It is all in your mind

“We will first go to the stand-bar and begin our run from there. It will be a run including 110 hurdles – both small and large, easy and difficult ones and then finally there will be a ticket granted to you which will take you to a further round”, the local instructor said. Amongst myContinue reading “Rant 112 : It is all in your mind”

Rant 111 : Shoot the girl

We, humans are very very judgemental about the cover! Yes we are. The moment you would have read the title, you would have made an image about what the thing would be about. That is absolutely normal. We all see guys proposing girls around. No? At schools, at colleges, at workplaces? Most of these girls are ourContinue reading “Rant 111 : Shoot the girl”

Rant 110: Vegetative state

Vegetative State. VEGETATIVE STATE. VEGETATIVE STATE.  I am repeating this so that you  get the soul of this rant in place. Vegetative state. What is it? vegetative state, in simple terms, means a person who is awake but shows no signs of awareness or consciousness. Where do you see such a person? In hospitals probablyContinue reading “Rant 110: Vegetative state”

Rant 107: SELF or self?

What does making time for self mean? Solitude? Locked up in a room? Self-treat and Self-gratitude? umm.. not always! Sometimes self is not a unitary existence. Sometimes, SELF means Someone Extremely Loving and Friendly and then at times you try and make out time for self. Your own self. Your own effing self. It is a dichotomyContinue reading “Rant 107: SELF or self?”

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