Rant 34: One year, a day at a time

What is a day? A week? A month? A year??
What is a comparatively easier option for considering as a unit?
There are 365 days (366 in a leap year)
There are 52 weeks
There are 12 months, or
Lets come down to 8760 hours
or 5,25,600 minutes, or 3, 15,36,600 (some like 3.15 crore, more than the population of Delhi :P)

So, if you were being asked to take on of these options as the primary unit to plan a year for an individual, what would you take?
I would straight forward go to a week. There are 52 weeks. It’s easy to plan it out and it also serves with the option of having flexibility. What fails on a Wednesday can be made up for on the weekend and so on. But there is one very big issue with this planning. The sense of a day is what we are all basically tuned with and the moment we shift to a weekly basis, the sense of body clock and clock discipline diminishes. Seems to cut you off from the society and the loved ones. Hence, after all the practices and the hit and trials, I have come to accept the fact that out of all metrics of time, it is the day which serves best. No wonder why most of the schedules around us are set on a daily format.
I am sure no one would have gone with the hourly/Minute/ Second wise scheduling.. An hourly scheduling might work in some cases, but minute wise might really be a tough ask for a human on earth. 😀

So, it was not long back when I was completely convinced of the fact that living life on a daily basis was the true fit for myself. My own self. Hence, this must not be taken as a sermon for time management. I am just sharing my experiences and your or someone else’s might be completely different as well.

I have realized it now that life is nothing but a number of years. Each year, a bouquet. A bouquet of 365 days (or 366 days). Each of these days have multiple petals, like the hours. Some flowers are aromatic while some are visually more pleasing. Some are medicinal in nature and with a blunt aesthetic, while others are incredibly pretty but not healthy to have it around. Some flowers are pretty but thorny, while some are coated with a soft layer like fur on the stem where you hold it. The bouquet has every variety, after all 365 is not a small number.

I believe a year is a also akin to a garland. A garland of a number of days. Each day being a bead. A bead of multiple memories. White beads, dark beads, colorful beads, multicolored beads, textured ones, de-formed but important beads, lustrous beads, dull beads, etc. All these beads are formed by the multiple memories you share with your self, the special ones, the people around, known or unknown. Also, how you put the beads is also another important factor to what your love for the garland will be.

Some fragile beads will be put with utmost care. The beads very strong will be dropped from a height. Some will be difficult to rope in and will require a needle. Some beads you will put with your loved ones, smiling, sharing laughs, sharing remorse, looking into their eyes. Some beads you will be putting in with your colleagues and subordinates an rustic bosses, with all the office tensions and the work enthusiasm.

Most of us, while beading the memories in, keep checking about the past beads or keep checking if the beads are in place, or whether the colors look in harmony or not. We have done this all our lives. Little do we understand that today is what matters. Everyday in the past was once a today and everyday in the future will once be a today. It is simply put by many philosophers, leaders, performers,etc. But surely it is easier said than done.

Sometimes, I also wonder if I will ever be able to view the garland in its entirety? Will the whole garland really matter? At the end of a year, the garland will simply become another unit to be put in the greater frame of life. So lets take the basic frame. If every single bead is carefully and happily put in, the entire garland will be beautiful and if a number of garlands are beautiful, the entire gamut of life will be beautiful too.

So, taking all this in consideration, its probably the most important change we now need to bring into our individual lives, our family interests, social interest, our national interests, the global interests and nearly everything else. Complete justice to the present is the only way we can make it. Only then there will be a complete justice to the 24 hours, which time gives us as a gift of life.

I am far, far away from completely being able to accept this principle, but I have started walking in that direction, making beads with my most special ones and the garland is forming, one day at a time. I am not sure, if the garland will be acceptable, okay or will be discarded, but one thing is sure. All my beads will be and must be beautiful.

Share your views on this and recommend the write up to someone who keeps worrying for the future and the past.
Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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I invite all budding writers and even those who used to write and now are out of touch to write for the blog as a guest writer. You can rant about an issue you face or just a normal subject and write it in about 1200-1500 words. Please feel free to reach out by commenting below or through the blog contact. Guest entries are warmly welcomed.

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