Rant 189 : The loaded stem

Is this overloaded, Narayan?” I asked our gardener while he trimmed the roses in our hostel. 

Not overloaded, but yes a little bit. It will be okay, I will just trim off the outer petals and it will be fine”, Narayan said while he started touching the rose making sure he did not point out fingers towards the petals. 

I saw him separate the petals one by one from the flower. One petal at a time. Suddenly the loaded flower seemed a little bit better and slightly upright now. Great irony, I thought to myself. The plant that mde the flower bloom with all it could do, that same flower made the stem’s head hang down and to keep it upright the only thing possible was to chop off the flowers petals. 

What if things never pan the way we are thinking they would?

I don’t care, I just want to live every bit of what we have!”, she said as she tightly clinched his arms, as they looked over the deep valley. 

Living in the moment and having a short myopic view often lures us, most of us. It is an attractive scheme of things that keeps you away from the things and apprehensions of the future and you keep on living the dream you are into. It is not just pleasant but also motivating. It pushes you to take that extra risk and venture into the dark – one step more. 

The stem of the rose would have been a myopic too. It would have kept growing the rose with all its might, making it more colorful and even brighter. It would have witnessed the flower bloom from a small bud to a well-grown flower. 

How difficult, must it be for the stem to fall to the weight of its own flower? When you are myopic, you meet unpleasant ends. So did the stem. So did the two hearts in deep myopic affection they shared for each other. 

See, now it looks fine, doesn’t it?” Narayan asked while he was done with trimming the petals. 

Yes. It looks much better!”, I replied. 

And now, since this is trimmed, there will be room for another bud to grow and get nutrition from the roots.

Something struck me again. Things have to be trimmed. It’s not the whole flower, but only the dead petals have to be trimmed out. New flowers will bloom only when the dead and the unhealthy buds are chopped or trimmed off. 

I took out my phone and sent an sms. 

Can we talk, for one last time?


Always Ranting, Rantzaada. 

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