Rant 193 : The wrong metric

What does a burger kept idle for a long time turn into? A stale burger. 

What does a plate of french fries kept idle for a long time turn inot? A fungus full of fries. 

What does a battery kept idle for a long time turn into? An inactive battery.

What does a mind kept idle for a long time turn into? An inactive mind.

What does a dark room kept idle for a long time turn into? A visibly dark room. 

What does a painful emotion kept idle for a long time turn into? An emotion of normalcy. 

While all thing degrade to a lower state or an ill-featured object, can we so conclude that a prolonged emotion of pain that turns into a pseudo sense of  normalcy is also a degradation? Am i better when I was pained than now, when I am okay with the pain? Surely it is. 

When we fail to realise that there is a problem, when we kind of get accustomed with the problems and cease to seek solutions and any scope of improvement, that is when you start dying. It is like a battery out of charge. Maybe you are 90% charged now, but now, since the thought of a better day is out of question, you are prone to run out of charge soon and that will mean just one thing. ELIMINATION. 

The problem begins when you fail to realise that something is affecting you bad, but you also realise it the same moment that it is okay if that stays. This is where disintegration begins. Decay begins. You begin to decay. You’re like the frog in the pan of boiling water then. You feel nothing is wrong while the whole world keeps shouting at you to come out. By the time you realise, it’s usually very very late. 

How to deal with not rotting with time. How to make sure your pain doesn’t turn to normalcy? How to ensure that you are on a progressive curve to betterment and healing and not the other way round? What will help you keep yourself on the right edge? 

Well, I don’t know and probably will never know. I am at an abnormal stage of normalcy, where I have come to terms with the most weirdest things for a sane person and while you might disagree to think that I will remain as productive as I always was or probably even higher. How? Why? I don’t know. I will never know. 

The point is, two sided – first, does sadness for a long time does induce normalcy which is satanic and secondly, this satanic normalcy will not always degrade your performance in whatever you do.

So, if you are going to judge a person’s mental health with their academic or professional performance, probably you have touched a wrong metric. 

Always Ranting, Rantzaada. 

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