Rant 185 : Appropriate vs Right

It is not always that we come across such days. Days when you face such conundrums of doing the right and the appropriate. The dictionary states that appropriate means something that is suitable and proper in the circumstances, whereas, right means being in accordance to what is good and just. The two sound so similar and are approximately used to make similar sense in our daily usage of these two words. 

But, I believe in our life, in our daily life, we usually do not get confused between chosing the wrong and the right. What freaks us out and what most living humans are caught up with is the appropriate vs the right. Social issues, political issues, financial issues, emotional issues, personal issues – everything in most of the cases boils down to this infamous comparison. 

All of this might sound a little more imaginative, but just give it a thought. We usually do not really get confused between the wrong and the right, we know it most of the times. But when it comes to the appropriate vs the right, that is when it comes to real world problems. Because appropriateness in itself is a ground for the righteousness. Understand this again. Appropriateness is, in itself, a ground for righteousness. Things first become appropriate and then move on to become right. Hence, when it comes to this difference, it often leaves us with a very minor and bleak space of judgement. 

What should we strive for? Appropriate or the right? Being righteous is in a way the best and the utopian way to look at things. A very ideal world indeed. Appropriateness is, on the other hand, modest and practical. But there is a catch. Righteousness leads to radical changes, big transformations and terribly brilliant outcomes. On the other hand, appropriateness gives rise to a more tolerable mediocrity. Appropriateness generates out of the need to sustain and survive. Righteousness sis fuelled by rejection – of the wrong and the appropriate. It seeks nothing but the right and the correct. 

And hence, this is one of the most recurring intersections in our life that keep testing the waters of our social intelligence. I have a lot of instances to mention and plenty of anecdotes, but I believe just to understand this basic difference and to realise how often it happens to all of us is an intensely loaded read. 

Do share your feedback if you read this and have something to share about your experiences regarding the same. 

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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