Rant 183 : The Receding Waters

The receding waters.
“Come here”
“No, no. I an fine here. You do your stunts there.”, I replied.
It was such a cool breeze at the not-so-wellknown beach of Pondicherry. We two and a few other folks. All I could see was the happiness on her face and her laughs. I had never heard her laugh that much. Never. Maybe it was the sea or the dogs that played around, she was just ecstatic. An emotion which I was unaware of.
“Are come no, come!”, She came up to me and pulled me to the waters. She asked me to imitate her and do nothing else.
I stood there and waited for the waves to come in. I could feel the nerves going high while I saw a wave build up and come close, but then she held my hand so tight, I felt absolutely fine. The waters came, touched my feet, it felt wonderful. Before I could even contemplate on the feeling I just had, there was a receding gush which nearly blowed back the entire sand below my feet. I was taken back by this and had it not been her holding me so tight, I would have toppled over. Super woman saves the day.
“See, I told you, nothing happens! Such a cat you are!”
“Come on ya”, I replied to her taunt. I knew this would last for atleast 6 months now.
Suddenly we saw between my right and her left leg, there was a mini-conch. A very small one indeed. She picked it up and got down on her knees.
“Ey, ey your jeans”, I shouted as she bend down on her knees on the wet sand.
“I offer you a gem from the oceans and the seas my friend”, she said while she kept the small conch in my hand.
“Urgh, you drama queen!”, Her drama skills were beyond comprehension.
3 years down the line, I am here at this beach again and that small conch still with me. I kept it on my side while I saw the waves come and go. In a sequence. Sometimes unpredictable.
They bring along anxiousness, of what would it feel like when they come and come in contact for the first time. Most of the times , I admit now, it feels exceptionally pleasant when the foamy waves touch your feet. It’s all magical unless it starts to recede. It’s not just the water that recedes. It takes away a good volume of the sand base below your feet. A little less cautious and bam on the sand.
Pretty much like everything in our lives, lovely on the onset and cruel while receding. This was all about it when I decided to get up and walk past the shoreline and into the waters. Deep inside. Where there will be complete waters. Where there won’t be a recession. It’s good to drown in emotions than to see them come and go.
Still trying to justify the receding waters.

Always Ranting, Rantzaada.

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